Leveraging Digital Assets for Greater Revenues

So, by now most physical product sellers on Amazon are aware of the basics of how Amazon’s ranking algorithm works. In a nutshell, you drive sales, and the higher the sales velocity (increased sales plus shorter time between sales) the higher the listing will rise in keyword rank.

While Amazon’s ranking algorithm is constantly being tweaked and updated, this core concept has remained the same, and likely will for the foreseeable future.

However, what many sellers aren’t aware of is that this same “formula” guides ranking for keywords of ALL Amazon products. That includes digital products as well.

That means, driving sales velocity increase to e-books, music, and even apps would have the same effect on keyword ranking.

ZonBlast has always been the preferred tool for creating visibility for Amazon listings.

But why?

Because the algorithm is the algorithm. Why would Amazon have different rules for an ebook when the customer experience process is the same? A customer goes to Amazon, types a keyword or phrase in the search bar, clicks search, browses the options, and then ideally lands on a listing and buys the product. This goes for garlic presses, e-romance novels, mp3’s, android games….everything.

So what does that mean for you?

It means, you could open a whole new stream of revenue for yourself, and we can help.

For e-Book Writers

If you are an author struggling to gain traction on Amazon, then using Amazon KDP promotions, combined with ZonBlast by SixLeaf can give you the jump-start you need.

When you run a $0 or even $0.99 KDP promotion for your e-book, you can blast those offers to the ZonBlast buyer list and see massive downloads that will stimulate velocity and ultimately rankings. This is a great way to gain visibility and exposure for your books.

KDP promotions can be run every 90 days, so by leveraging the power of those promotions combined with the power of ZonBlast, you can dominate your digital book niche way above and beyond your competitors.

For Physical Product Brand Owners

Do you include an ebook with your product? Did you know that the very same ebook could be a great lead magnet? Think about it, if you have a piece of content people are willing to download and consume, and that content leads them to your physical products, you could tap into a whole new market of sales.

Digital assets aren’t just good as lead magnets though. If they are well written and full of enough good content, you can even sell them.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “I don’t want to get into selling ebooks. I have enough on my plate selling my physical products.”

But, imagine if you DID sell a small ebook that also promoted your physical brand store. Even at low dollar amounts, a digital asset that generates revenue has HUGE power. Because it can totally offset your advertising costs.

Put another way, selling ebooks can help you get your ads FOR FREE. Think about it. If you run ads, and those ads allow you to acquire customers at a break even price (for the same as you make off the ebook), then those leads were essentially free. Then, you have the ebook promoting your products, making you sales from those free leads.

…the algorithm is the algorithm.

Don’t have an ebook?

No worries. Just outsource the creation of your digital assets.

Likely you already do this with graphic design, photography and other aspects of your Amazon listing. Right?

Outsourcing the creation of an ebook works the same way.

The bottom line is, ZonBlast has always been the preferred tool for creating visibility for Amazon listings. Now we’ve expanded its reach so that anyone selling anything on America’s favorite marketplace can enjoy the benefits of a blast.