SIXLEAF began, as so many of the greatest resources begin, to fill a personal need. Before it ever started the algorithm stimulation revolution and before the word “blast” was even a thing, ZonBlast (our first and most potent product for launching brands into success) was a small but responsive group of Amazon buyers that helped an even smaller group of entrepreneurs realize the full potential of their brands.

To borrow from Wayne Gretzky, in mid 2014, we skated to where the puck was going when it came to launching and scaling brands. We understood the challenges in launching and scaling then, and we theorized, tested, optimized, and launched a solution – ZonBlast – that has enabled thousands to achieve their Brands’ goals.

Since those humble beginnings we’ve expanded the scope of our offerings to encompass more holistic solutions to common ecommerce issues. Being brand owners ourselves, we understand that a number of opportunities exist within, and well beyond, Amazon that will help a brand scale its reach.

What Drives Us

Meet Our Team

The SixLeaf team is made up of experienced, skilled individuals who each have an entrepreneurial drive, just like you. Our expertise has helped take brands from idea to execution, and in many cases, to exit since 2014. We’re agile experts in our craft. We are the innovators in a fast-changing market. And we know how to maximize your Brand’s potential.

Joe Junfola - Founder & CEO of ZonBlast & SixLeaf

Joe Junfola

Founder & CEO

Anthony Lee - SixLeaf Chief Operations Officer

Anthony Lee


Ken Moore - Blast Strategist @ SixLeaf

Ken Moore

Senior Brand Advisor

Barcus Patty - Chief Success Officer @ SixLeaf

Barcus Patty

Chief Success Officer

Lee Foropoulos - VP of Software Development @ SixLeaf

Lee Foropoulos

VP of Software Development

Alpha Shabazz

Senior Software Developer

Ashish Gandhi

Senior Software Developer

Kristin Martinez

Brand Advisor

Lidija Rabrenovic

Design Lead

Flynn Cornelia

Brand Advisor

Hitesh Dave

Systems Quality Control

Bethany Gaal Patty


We’re growing.

Come join us on the journey.

Like the Brand owners we serve, SixLeaf is home to entrepreneurs – people with a bias for results and growth. Together, we’re developing and perfecting solutions that make growing Brands easier and more effective than ever.