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Get to know who's behind SixLeaf, our "why", and the mission that drives us


The why behind SixLeaf

SixLeaf began, as many of the greatest platforms begin, to fill a personal need.

Before it ever started the algorithm stimulation revolution, and before the word “Blast” was even a thing, ZonBlast (our first and most potent product for launching Brands) was a small but responsive group of Amazon-centric buyers that helped an even smaller group of #BrandOwners realize the full potential of their Brands…

To borrow from Wayne Gretzky…starting in mid 2014, we “skated to where the puck was going” when it came to scaling Brands quickly online.

Since then, we’ve developed a core understanding of the challenges Brand Owners face  today, in large part because we face those same challenges as Brand Owners ourselves.

And the tools that have come about as a result of that understanding have driven our evolution as a company, from a narrow-focused Blast-centric company to one which has grown to encompass more holistic solutions to common issues you face as an entrepreneur…

…solutions that we needed, and which serve other 7 and 8 figure brands every single day.

As our evolution continues, and as our list of Brands served heads towards 20,000, I’m proud to say that SixLeaf is the product that I wish existed back when I was looking for the perfect Amazon-centric solution. 

And I’m proud that the 12k+ #BrandOwners we’ve served agree.

Whether you’re ready to add a digit to your Brand’s bottom line, or you’re fed up with generalized software that does most things decently, but not well enough, SixLeaf is here to take you to the Next level. 

I’m confident you’ll love it and how it fits into your Brand’s success.

Joe Junfola

Founder & CEO

Our History

As one of the longest-running software platforms for Brand Owners, we’ve see it all…

  • June 2014: Early Beginnings

    Joe Junfola uses what will become known as ZonBlast to launch and grow three Brands into 6 figures companies in less than 60 days. The platform is beta tested in Ryan Moran's "The Tribe" Facebook group.

  • September 2014: ZonBlast Launch

    ZonBlast is offered to the public after spending two months in Beta testing.

  • January 2015: Zero to Hero

    We only intended on giving a Branda kickstart in 30 days. Instead, we took a brand to $1k/day revenue in less than a month.

  • February 2015: The Gold Rush

    ZonBlast featured at the Amazing Selling Machine Conference in a speech by Ryan Moran.

  • January 2016: Intro of the Most Powerful URL for Amazon Launches

    Heatseeker, along with a true self-serve SAAS, is introduced into the marketplace.

  • September 2017: Introducing SixLeaf

    ZonBlast rebrands as SixLeaf, encompassing a more expansive vision of what serving Brands means.

  • June 2019: Meet Phoenix

    We introduce the industry's most accurate and precise sales estimation algorithm available as part of our new Chrome extension.

  • June 2020: What's Next?

    Introduction of the next Generation of Blasting: ZonBlast Next, powered by rebate-centric launches and Lynx.

  • June 2020: Lynx

    Introduction of Lynx: a true URL shortener and analytics tool for growing Brands.

  • October 2020: ZonBlast Next Update

    Zonblast NEXT releases major update to campaign automation.

  • December 2020: SixLeaf announces it's acquisition of

    The launch of a newly replatformed and enhanced SixLeaf Extension 2.0 which includes a revamped Phoenix product research tool. Now faster, with more features and data points to drive better product selection decisions, while helping to power the tens of thousands of ASINspector customers that are now a part of the SixLeaf family.

Build & Scale Your Brand with SixLeaf

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Our Values

We believe growing a Brand should be easier.

And we’re passionate about making that become a reality for our #BrandOwners.

That’s why we’re all about helping Brands make it easier to scale quickly.

  • Innovation

    Our ideas come from real experience. We collaborate with the best minds in the industry to innovate true solutions for brands’ needs.

  • Change

    E-commerce is an ever-evolving world. To enable a brighter future for brands online, we embrace those changes daily.

  • Results

    Brands need forward momentum. And forward momentum requires tenacious data collection and constant analysis.

  • Passion

    We are e-commerce brand owners ourselves, so we truly are passionate about creating powerful solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems.

  • Leadership

    We’re driven by a relentless curiosity to understand the nature of the systems brands rely on, and to be at the forefront of expertise.

  • Focus

    The mission of turning your brand into a household name is always in focus. We’re dedicated to the process because we do it for you, for ourselves, and for the world.

We're Growing. Join us on the Journey.

Like the Brand owners we serve, SixLeaf is home to entrepreneurs – people with a bias for results and growth. Together, we’re developing and perfecting solutions that make growing Brands easier and more effective than ever.