Welcome to the B2B (Back to Basics) series by SixLeaf. This is a 10 episode series that takes you back to the basics of getting started on Amazon. From product selection to listing and beyond, the B2B series walks you through the basic steps to success on the Amazon platform.

B2B Eps. 7 – Understanding Amazon’s Keyword Ranking Algorithm

As sellers on Amazon, we all have the same goal; sales and profit. The key to more sales on the marketplace, however, is visibility. Amazon is a unique platform in that it offers a simple search-find-buy layout for its customers. This makes Amazon’s search engine one of the most powerful in existence. As such, factoring in the search engine and keyword rank is essential to success for any seller’s marketing plan.

Today in Episode 7 of our Back to Basics program, we will discuss just what makes Amazon’s keyword ranking algorithm work. This simple understanding will allow you to create a marketing plan that makes ranking a priority.


The relationship between sales history and velocity, and keyword ranking is a tight one. When you understand this relationship, it brings you closer to realizing what actions you must take in your marketing plan.

If sales velocity + sales history = climbing rank, then making sales is the key to making sales. That may seem like circular logic, until you discover that the price paid for the sale is NOT a factor.

This is precisely what the amazing ranking tool ZonBlast was created for. Discount offers, that hold the same “weight” in sales history, combined with a hungry crowd of activated buyers to stimulate sales velocity gives the algorithm exactly what it wants.


Stay tuned for the next episode of B2B where we go over precisely how to utilize promotions as a means to rank and gain the visibility necessary for greater sales!