The SixLeaf Story

Preface, by Joe Junfola, Founder & CEO We are 15 months into a process that we had counted on taking six months. Maybe eight. The story you're about to read, written by my right hand man and SixLeaf's secret weapon of a COO, Anthony Lee, takes us from ZonBlast 2.0 to where we are today: [...]

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Hacking Vendor Express for Greater Ranking & Profits

Vendor Express is only just now a couple of years old. It’s Amazon’s gateway into establishing a wholesale relationship (referred to as 1P) with sellers. Essentially it is their vendor “lite” program. The difference between Vendor Express and the regular, invite-only Vendor Central program is that with VE anyone can sign up. Anyone can also [...]

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Traditional Methodology Meets Modern Distribution

Our next client case study, Mike R., changed course dramatically from the intention of being a physician to finishing up his degree in finance instead. He ended up out of college working as an analyst for a large firm. From the sea of cubicles, Mike realized he would not attain fulfillment having to work for [...]

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Out of the Monkey Suit, Into the Amazon

Our next client case study is Jonathan G. Jonathan came from the stiff suit and tie corporate background so many of us are familiar with. When given a job offer to make multiple six figures a year, he turned it down because his entrepreneurial spirit was beginning to rear its head. He experimented with selling [...]

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From the Friendly Skies to the Amazon

Our next case study follows Jack J. and his journey from being a commercial airline pilot to an extremely successful ecommerce entrepreneur. He and his partner, who practiced Chinese medicine, had what seemed to be the farthest thing from any background that could prepare them for this journey. But a love for the nomadic lifestyle [...]

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Said Goodbye to Corporate Drudgery & Hello to Freedom

In another edition of Client Case Studies we’ll discuss Alex M.’s story of how he went from corporate marketing to online entrepreneur. A little work experience primed him for what would become his own brand and eventual entrepreneurial empire. We’re just glad we could help. Here’s his story. […]

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Client Case Study: International Business Student Goes Rogue

At SixLeaf, we pride ourselves in helping brand owners succeed. Quite frankly, that is our number one goal. We work with brand owners from all walks of life, who vary in background, startup capital, connections, and everything else. Their diverse nature truly is a testament to the fact that anyone can succeed in a physical [...]

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