Does Influencer Marketing Work for Marketplace Sellers?

Every article you look up on this new phenomenon called “influencer marketing” starts with how it is such a hot topic. They all call it a “buzz word.” And, for the most part, it is a pretty popular conversation. I mean, if you look at the stats, it is easy to understand why. According to [...]

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Is Walmart a Contender for Amazon?

Walmart’s aggressive push to expand and upgrade their own online marketplace, coupled with their purchase of, has made it look like we may see a solid contender rising up. People have been speculating about the decline of has the largest ecommerce giant in America for years, much like they expect it to be [...]

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Are Reviews Really a “Barrier” of Entry to Amazon?

Listings with zero ever-critical “social proof” made it to page one for important keywords and then started gaining real sales. If you were a part of the “Amazon Gold Rush” right around 2013 to 2014, then you remember how easy it seemed to be to make money. Everybody was flocking to the quick riches, and [...]

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The SixLeaf Story

Preface, by Joe Junfola, Founder & CEO We are 15 months into a process that we had counted on taking six months. Maybe eight. The story you're about to read, written by my right hand man and SixLeaf's secret weapon of a COO, Anthony Lee, takes us from ZonBlast 2.0 to where we are today: [...]

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Some Anecdotal Data on the Power of PPC on Amazon

I wish I had more concrete data to offer, as I know anecdotes aren’t nearly as compelling as aggregate numbers, but I don’t manage others’ sponsored product campaigns, so I only have my own experience to pull from. And I know that individual experiences vary too much to provide significant value, but I hope this [...]

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F2L2 Wrap Up from Our Perspective

We had the distinct honor of partnering with Ryan Moran’s Freedom Fastlane Live event for the second year in a row and I wanted to touch on some takeaways I personally got from the speakers as well as some big news and announcements we made. First, the event… I didn’t get the chance to listen [...]

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Why Razor Thin Margins Don’t Work for PL

I know we’ve talked many times about pricing, and the message has always been about value. I’ve always advocated paying more attention to the value you create than to your profit margin, and I’ve even advised private labelers to stop being so greedy, demanding 50 and 60% profit margins. […]

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The Sky Is Falling: Volume 2

As you can imagine, at SixLeaf we get a lot of the same types of questions. However, I can say with confidence that the number one question we receive is about reviews. Our response is always the same; we aren’t a review service, and in no way require, request, instruct, or otherwise push for a [...]

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16 Reasons Why Heatseeker Is Right For Your Brand

If you sell your own brand of products on Amazon, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about SixLeaf, and if you’ve heard about SixLeaf, you have also probably heard the buzz about our newest URL option: Heatseeker. This buzz has created a conversation that, unless you are one of the lucky people who have benefited from it, [...]

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The Sky Is Falling: Epilogue

We’re now over six months post-TOS-gate…the change that rocked the Amazon world. Everyone released their statements and speculations at the time. Some predictions came true, some appear to have been entirely misguided. For the most part, however, the dust has settled. Now it’s time to weigh in on what has happened since then…and to comment [...]

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