The Power of Bundling

Since the humble beginnings of FBA people have been speculating about the most efficient way to stand out and get more clicks/views/conversions/sales. Before the surge of private label, one of the most effective ways to not have to battle out the buy box was to bundle. This would allow a seller to package multiple items [...]

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Does Fulfillment Type Significantly Affect Ranking?

We’ve dug into this topic before; asking how 1P sellers are treated vs third party. We uncovered that there appears to be an obvious bias in ranking for products that Amazon sells and fulfills. However, the question has still remained as to how significant ranking appears to be affected by fulfillment type at all. In [...]

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What Impact Does the Bullet Section REALLY Have on Keyword Ranking?

We keep diving deeper and deeper into what makes Amazon’s keyword ranking algorithm work. The only way to truly analyze it is by looking at data served up from listings that are already in top ranking spots, or those that move into those spots after promotion and optimization. The interesting thing is, as we dissect [...]

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Do Description Enhancements Help Keyword Ranking?

One of the most hotly discussed topics regarding Amazon listing optimization and ranking is the product description area. Since the beginning of selling on Amazon people have speculated on whether or not this is an important section to devote time and effort to. Some people claim it actually is crucial to conversion rates. Others say [...]

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The Essential Elements of High Ranking Titles

Crafting the perfect title is by far one of the most challenging, yet important, parts of listing optimization. But, what elements are present in the perfect title? Is it keyword rich? Does it include the brand name? Does it utilize all 200 character spaces available? We dove deep into the data to see what the [...]

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Do Tricks Aimed at Catching the Eye in Main Images Work?

We’ve seen them repeatedly in the Amazon world. Certified organic, lifetime warranty and best new seller badges abound with the intention of grabbing the attention of browsing potential customers. While this is a violation of the exact terms, using seals and badges in main images is often looked at as a minor infraction at worst. [...]

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Does the Age of a Listing Affect Ranking on Amazon?

We sure love rabbit holes here and that is why we are continuing down the wonderland of keyword ranking. In this episode of ranking factors we explore whether there appears to be a strong correlation between listing age and rank. Now, determining listing age is difficult, as the exact date a product became available on [...]

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Does Seller Feedback Have An Effect on Keyword Ranking?

This is an old issue, and most sellers have moved past it. We concluded long ago that there was no reason to believe seller feedback had any significant effect on keyword ranking. Even though the popular consensus landed on this, I felt it would still be worthwhile to look at the data. So my team [...]

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Does Amazon Store Size Affect Ranking?

One of the many long contended ideas about Amazon’s elusive ranking algorithm is that the size of your store may have an impact on ranking. On the face of it, we can come up with just as many logical reasons why that is ridiculous as we can why it makes sense. The only real way [...]

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Do “Helpful” Review Votes Affect Ranking?

In our constant obsession with what exactly makes Amazon’s ranking algorithm tick, we decided to turn our attention to certain nuances that have long been under speculation. One is listing “activity” or otherwise helpful and unhelpful review votes. Some have wondered whether tampering with reviews in any way would affect, positively or negatively, keyword ranking. [...]

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