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Increase Profits On & Off Amazon by Making Amazon's Data Work for You


Serve Your Amazon Customers Better

One of Amazon’s main advantages is that they take painstaking steps to ensure the highest quality customer experience.

Bridge by SixLeaf does precisely that.

By using Amazon’s order data, Bridge allows you to put order information into Facebook and target a range of relevant, previous or potential buyers with paid advertising, driving more traffic and sales to your Amazon listing. And therefore, making you more profit.

And it’s all done automatically...

Filter for Laser Targeting

Bridge’s amazing filter options gives you the opportunity to segment your customers in many ways.

You can target repeat buyers, promo buyers, full price buyers and so much more.

Have multiple brands and want to be able to separate orders for each?

That’s no problem for Bridge by SixLeaf.

You can also filter by product, price and amount spent.

The filtering combinations give you more control than you’ve ever had over exactly who you target in your advertising.

Get Your Message In Front of
Exactly the Right People

Bridge by SixLeaf Gives You Unprecedented Command Over Your Customer Order Data

Automatic Audiences

Within minutes...

...You can take your segmented customer data and create a custom audience within your Facebook ads account, automatically. This will make your advertising efforts on Facebook exponentially more powerful because you can target only the most relevant audience. Show ads to past buyers, create lookalike audiences or just study the audience insights for a deeper understanding of your ideal customer.

Export Customers

Use Amazon Customer Data for better marketing...

One of the most powerful aspects of the Bridge tool is the ability to export the filtered order information.

After you have segmented your customer data, you can export as a CSV file and analyze the data yourself, or use it to upload to a different ad platform.

Either way, the data is there to help you serve your customers in the best way possible.

Audience Insights

Unprecendented Audience Insights

One of the most powerful tools within Facebook Ads is Insights.

When combined with Bridge and the custom audiences it creates, you can dig deeper into your Amazon data than you ever thought possible.

Truly understanding your ideal customer will allow you to create profitable campaigns both on and off Facebook Ads, allowing you to scale faster than you ever imagined.

Powerful Filtering Options to
Segment Your Customers

It Would Take Hours (or Even Days) to Do What Bridge Can Do In Seconds

Filter by Brand or Product

If you have multiple brands, now you can segment your past buyers by the brand they purchased from. Or you can target customers of a specific product.

Filter by Price or Amount Spent

Segment your customers by the listed price of the item they purchased or by the amount of money spent on your products in a single order.

Filter by Promotion

Filter out deep discount buyers...or target them specifically.

Filter by Repeat Buyer

Loyal customers that have come back for more of your product can be an incredibly valuable segment for advertising.

Filter by Location

Is there a particular state that shows you more love than most? You can filter out your customers by state as well.

Use Your Customer Data for Greater Profits

Don’t just leave it up to Amazon to make more sales for your brand and create a better customer experience. Take control of your destiny by automatically building audiences for use in retargeting, lookalike, promotion, review, and countless other Facebook Ad campaigns.

Bridge by SixLeaf

Increase Your Profits Today...

$47/mo with 15 day trial

Every Bridge Plan Gets
  • 15 Day Trial: Create one audience with no limitation on number of audience members. Upgrade to a full, unlimited account at any time, or after 15 days
  • 7 Filters: Create hyper-targeted audiences with filters for Brand, Product, Price, State, Order Total, Promotional Discount, and Repeat Buyer status
  • Countless combinations: Want to build a targeted audience full of people who have purchased a specific product at a specific price point and who are repeat buyers? We can do that...and so much more!
  • Set It & Forget It: The beauty of Bridge is you only need to set any given audience up just once...going forward we'll AUTOMATICALLY append your audience with current Amazon customer data
  • Cut Your Adspend Drastically: Building profitable campaigns in Facebook is no longer a guessing game. With hyper-targeted audiences and lookalike audiences, you'll be able to drop adspend drastically, allowing you to build a True Brand that doesn't depend solely on Amazon.
  • Buyer Intel: When combined with the power of Facebook Insights, you'll get a closer look at your Amazon buyers than you could ever imagine seeing within Seller Central. Demographic data, frequenly liked pages, family life...this is only scraping the surface of what's possible...
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