That’s a pretty to-the-point headline. I thought about making a more clever, catchy one. But I wanted to get right to it. While telling the total truth. And the truth is….the bottom line is….Bridge by SixLeaf will save your business money.

The next question you probably have is…HOW?

Well friend, I’m glad you asked.

This is business 101; find the starving crowd and feed them.

First, let me show you some of my most recent results on a couple of tests I’ve been running.

Here’s a BROAD interest based lead capture ad –

I had to turn that off after a day because it performed so poorly. No way I am paying over $5 for a lead (not with inexpensive kitchen items being the end sale).

Here’s a NARROW interest based lead capture ad –

Not great, but not terrible.

However, here’s an ad targeting a Lookalike Audience built from a Bridge Custom Audience –

I know with some refinement, I can make that even better.

And this is for lead capture. The numbers for just traffic (and especially for Messenger goals) perform even better.

But, let’s say it doesn’t get any better. Let’s assume I have SOME idea what I’m doing on Facebook, and these are the best numbers I’m going to get. Now it’s time for some simple math.

Targeting my Bridge LAA, I save $0.25 per lead and $0.05 per click.

That means, when I start scaling up my budget, and I’m getting 2,000 clicks within a day I’m going to be saving a significant chunk of change ($100 a day for this example). And when I’m getting hundreds of leads per day, the savings go through the roof! Even at only 200 leads, that’s a savings of $50.

These amounts may seem small, but they add up. How much more advertising could you do with $150 a day? Or what other things could your business do with that money, aside from just throw it away?

We’ve Said This All Before

Yes, we (or, I rather) have written about Bridge before. It was also featured in an article I wrote for the Webretailer blog. I’ve already extolled the virtues of using buyer-based custom audiences. But I think it bears repeating, since this is still a widely underutilized strategy.

Your existing buyers are the BEST indicators for who your target demographic is.

Often, we move into a market convinced of exactly who our customer avatar is. We create a solution to a problem for ourselves, and assume our buyers will be just like us. And that may be true…sometimes. But the real truth lay in the data.

And Amazon has the data. Data that they share with sellers. And Facebook has the tools to use that data intelligently.

And Bridge by SixLeaf links the pieces together so that you can benefit (and so can your future customers).

Think about it.

When you use buyer information to create a custom audience in Facebook, what you are doing is helping consumers get more targeted advertising sent to them.

See, when marketing is un-targeted, from a consumer’s perspective, it’s annoying…maybe even bad. Nobody likes bad marketing. BUT, when it is targeted, by using anonymous, aggregated data on buying behavior, then people see more of the types of things they actually want to buy.

And those things can be your things.

Basically, by using Bridge, and allowing Amazon to communicate directly with Facebook to create custom audiences from your buyer data, you are placing relevant products in front of eager would-be customers.

It allows you to not only market new products to your loyal fans, but also create “lookalike audiences” to market all of your offerings to. It creates a true win-win situation.

The Wisdom of McDonald’s

Ray Croc is famously credited with being asked if he could have had ANYTHING to help him start his hamburger business, what would it be.

He didn’t say “a million dollars” even though conventional wisdom would make you think that would’ve helped.

He didn’t say “a new, state of the art facility” even though it would appear to have given him a leg up from the beginning.

No. He simply said “a starving crowd.”

This is business 101; find the starving crowd and feed them.

Your existing buyers are the BEST indicators for who your target demographic is.

Most people don’t ask if they should do this. It seems obvious. The question has always been where to find that crowd. And the answer is to look at who has already gone out of their way to find YOU.

Look at the people who have voted for you with their wallets. Look at the people that chose you over all the other listings on Amazon. Then take those people and let the most powerful social media and advertising platform in the world find identical would-be customers to serve to you and your ads.

And let Bridge be the tool that helps that process.