Zero to Hero

We challenged ourselves to do what was then the impossible: take an unseasoned Brand with no sales or momentum to massive success within 30 days. See how we blew past that goal and got Doug to $1k+ per day…


If you’re a private label seller on Amazon, and you’ve spent any time on forums or message boards, you’ve likely heard many people constantly talking about their theories regarding Amazon’s algorithm.

Some of it is fear-mongering, sky-is-falling type of stuff about how none of the “old strategies” work anymore. Some of it comes from people who claim they’ve cracked its code and want to sell you their book or course. All the while, these people claim to have come to their conclusion through “much testing” which typically amounts to their handful of products in their select niches.

The truth is, they likely have not tested enough times, with enough units, across enough categories to be able to form an intelligent theory. But you know that ancient proverb…

Those who talk don’t know, and those who know don’t talk.

Now, while here at SixLeaf we have tons of success stories and testimonials, all of that still only amounts to sales hype. While we can TELL you that we’ve “cracked the code” we’ll only sound like the rest of these “experts.”

Instead, We’ve Decided to Just SHOW You And the best way to show the results of a highly effective and well planned out launch strategy is with a case study.

The Challenge

To ensure we had the purest data possible for this study, the goal was to find someone who had a brand new product on Amazon (no reviews) and who had never used Zonblast’s services before. Product and category were NOT factors in the decision.

The person who ultimately fit the mold for this position actually had a very competitive product in a very competitive niche. We were quite thankful for this because his success would speak volumes for our services as well as for the evident effectiveness of our launch strategy.

Thus Mr. Doug Daly became our test subject case study participant. Doug’s situation was unique (and challenging) in that he went “all in” with his first private label product and ordered 5000 units, of which he was only able to afford 1000.

That meant that our case study HAD to be profitable for him. His business (and likely many other aspects of his life) depended on it. We had a highly competitive product and a very short window of time to gain massive traction.

But SixLeaf has delivered exactly that to so many others, so we felt confident we’d come through for Doug.

The Strategy

The plan we set forth was to “blast” Doug’s product, then do a “wave” (Wave4) consisting of a series of consecutive blasts for four days in a row. Our deals club ate up his offer quickly. They LOVED it. Let that sink in for a minute…

Ten days later we released another 300 or so units with a four day wave. After this sustained level of action, BSR eventually settled in at around 1700.

Sales increased and BSR found its way down to 800 organically.

Approximately 20 days later, a service still in beta testing was used to place him favorably in a very competitive market.

The Results

So, let’s recap the results of this case study: From Zero to Hero in a Month

– Excellent BSR in an extremely competitive category (~3k)

– #25 in a subcategory that is on par with competitive terms like “iphone case” or “garcinia cambogia”

– Excellent rankings for both the extremely competitive primary terms as well as mid and long-tails

“Exactly one month in yesterday and I did my first $1000 day…none of this could have happened any more perfectly and I just want to give a huge thanks to the master himself, Joe Junfola for making it all possible.”

Doug Daly, Supplement Brand Owner

Here is the more important aspect of this case study…

Doug is now generating more sales organically than he was when selling at promo prices during his Wave.

He was able to take possession of the rest of his inventory order and now has a thriving private label business on Amazon. Per his update in Ryan Moran’s Tribe on Jan 22:

“So far today I’ve done almost as many organic sales as I’ve been averaging since the wave ended and its only noon. It’s looking like at this point that may double and I’ve turned all the other marketing channels off other than amazon PPC.”

Doug Daly, Supplement Brand Owner

So, does ZonBlast really work? Did we “crack the code”?

The numbers speak for themselves.

We don’t just throw out theory and attempt to establish our position as authoritative experts through hype and sales speak. We show results.

Through trial after trial of putting our own businesses and money on the line, we’ve found what works.

Whether you want to call that “figuring out Amazon’s algorithm” is up to you, but we don’t care to call it that.

We don’t care to CALL it anything. We just want to offer Amazon sellers like yourself the best value possible.

We want to help all of the Doug Daly’s of the world launch their Amazon business with success, so they too can provide for their families and lead a more fulfilling life.

But we don’t offer our services for free. We believe in trading value for value, so we’ve put what we strongly feel is an extremely fair pricing structure in place.

But what are results like this worth to you?

What is starting from nothing and growing to a four, five or even six figure a month business within a year worth?

Next time you see him, you should maybe ask Doug.

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