Making the Impossible Possible

With the A9 algoritm ever-shifting, and promotion strategies evolving, we are constantly paying close attention to what is working now. In an effort to demonstrate our latest strategies and the effectiveness of our URLs and ranking platform as a whole, in mid 2017, we took on products in some of the most difficult niches we know…


We agreed to help one product, in an extremely saturated niche (weight loss) that hadn’t launched yet, with a brand new listing and only two reviews, to rank for highly searched key terms. The primary keyword we targeted got over 602k searches per month according to Merchantwords.

We performed just two blasts for this product before it ranked page one within the top THREE for this highly searched term. Not only did we rank high for this term, but we then focused our efforts and successfully ranked for two more extremely relevant terms.

Not only did the listing remain at its elevated level in keyword ranking (still going on strong a month later as of this writing) it also lead to a steady stream of 20 to 30 sales per day. Not bad at all for a brand new listing.

Now, we could clearly see that our promotion strategies were still highly effective on newer listings, but what about established ones? We decided to apply the same testing toward a listing that had been established for some time and already had over 180 reviews.

This listing was in an extremely saturated niche as well. Arguably moreso than the previous one (cell phone accessories). The keyword was pretty broad, but most searches were narrowed to a specific phone model, giving it quite a bit of reach.

Unlike the previous weight loss product, which was so new the listing didn’t rank anywhere, this listing ranked on page 16 for its keyword. That meant we had an uphill battle in front of us.

However, it didn’t turn out to be much of one. After only one solo blast we managed to rank this listing within the top 5 search results on page one for the desired keyword.

Just to make sure we didn’t get lucky, we decided to perform this in one more fairly competitive market, and test our strategies to ensure we were optimizing them. We targeted a well established listing for a keyword that gets roughly 265k+ searches a month.

We originally targeted this listing with promos for a lower number of units for seven subsequent days. At the beginning of day one, the listing ranked page 20+ for the keyword in question. After the seven days it had moved to the top of page two. This was progress, but certainly not good enough.

So we hit it one more time with a solo blast with a larger number of units at once. Within two days after that the listing shot up to the top three for this competitive keyword.

We run tests like these to both demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach as well as refine our specific strategies. For these clients, elevated rankings and organic sales have become a reality thanks to our methods.

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