The Accidental Case Study

One of our most outstanding “case studies” wasn’t even a case study at all, but a fully voluntary account from a customer. This customer, Bradley Sutton, tracked and documented the results of one of his clients and, after it performed so well, decided to share it with us. Here were his results in his own words…

In His Own Words…

I am targeting one of the most competitive categories in my opinion that I have ever done. As of this writing in summer ’17, the top sellers in this are all million/billion dollar grocery store/department store brands and for one of the main keywords, take a look below at jungle scout to see how much volume these guys are doing, AND 100% shipped and sold by amazon.

Look at the next image, and it shows all of my target keywords and their rank 1.5 weeks after my solo blast.

Obviously I’m not blasting 13 keywords per blast, you can only do a max of 5. But using my strategy, I do keyword strings that have words that are part of other keywords so it’s like killing 13 birds with 5 stones. After my solo blast, I increased organic sales on this brand new item that had only 5 reviews from 0 to 15 per day.

For those curious, 1-13, here are the merchant words volume for those keywords below…

1. 203,400
2. 106,600
3. 1,881,700
4. 35,800
5. 211,200
6. 23,000
7. 31,800
8. 14,800
9. 161,300
10. 7,700
11. 46,400
12. 254,000
13. 48,100

He Didn’t Stop There…

Now we are in day 3/4 of my 7 day wave, and already getting the effects from day 1. Check out updated keyword rankings, especially number 1 which went from unranked to page 1, position 9.

The Results Just Kept Coming In…

Wave 7 ended day before yesterday. Here is a side by side comparison from after solo blast to now right after wave 7.

Organic sales before solo blast: 0. Organic sales after solo blast: 12-15/day.

Organic sales one day after wave: 40.

Here is the sales chart showing sales from zero to solo blast, then to 12-15 daily, then wave 7, and first day off of wave 7, over 40…

Wanted to give you guys a final report on this zonblast and wave I did. Safe to say, organic seems to be now locked in at 40 per day. Check out complete chart of movement from first blast, to uptick, then wave 7, then uptick and maintaining.


Zero to 40 sales per day in less than a month using time-tested strategies that have been the cornerstone of the success we’ve achieved for our clients since 2014. In an incredibly difficult space, no less.

We would say this is incredible, but we’d be lying. This is our daily goal. The results this Squad member sent our way, completely unsolicited, are precisely what we’re pursuing for our clients regularly.

Like What You See?

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