What Amazon Tool Evolution Means for Your Private Label Business

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is a philosophical question that can be applied to many life experiences; Amazon selling being no different. Ask any seasoned Amazon seller veteran about the early days and they will tell you that when they started, they didn’t need all the fancy software and tools available [...]

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How To Use Artificial Intelligence For Product Research & Competitor Analysis

Oh no. Not another ecommerce software company using buzzword marketing! I mean...come on. AI? Machine Learning? Hogwash… If that was what you were thinking when you read the headline of this article, first, I’d like to commend you for still being alive since you lived through the ancient era of time when the term “hogwash” [...]

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Your Sales Estimation Tool is Lying To You…Are You Settling for Inaccurate Data?

This is an exciting post for me to write. In fact, this is about as excited as I've been since we launched ZonBlast 2.0 For the last six months or so, we've put nearly all of our efforts into shaking up the Amazon product and keyword research space. We're nearing release of, yes, yet another [...]

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