At SixLeaf, we pride ourselves in helping brand owners succeed. Quite frankly, that is our number one goal. We work with brand owners from all walks of life, who vary in background, startup capital, connections, and everything else. Their diverse nature truly is a testament to the fact that anyone can succeed in a physical products business.

Today we’ll look at one of our long-time customers Ryan E. Ryan owns a couple of brands, but recently decided to try his hand in one of the most competitive niches on Amazon; pet products. While SixLeaf has helped Ryan achieve many of his goals, it isn’t the only strategy that a successful Amazon seller can employ. We’ll discuss exactly what Ryan did to get his business off the ground and moving in the right direction.

Moving On from the Family Business

Ryan came into the ecommerce world from managing his family’s business. With a degree in International Business, he knew he was destined for more. After studying abroad in China, and learning to speak and read the language, he had developed what would become crucial skills in his future business endeavors.

His first foray in ecommerce was unsuccessful as he attempted to dropship generic products. After taking a course on private labeling, his path became clear. His initial investment into PL was around $8,000. Ryan attributes this intro into the world of private label, and the networking opportunities it would lead to, to his current success.

That first brand gave him the knowledge and seed money to invest in a new direction that he had much more passion for (pets). Using the money he could reinvest and the knowledge he gained about Amazon’s ranking algorithm, he knew that Six Leaf would be an essential element to a successful launch.

The moment his new product was live, he organized friends and family to purchase his product at full price using SuperURLs. This allowed him to gather initial reviews and stimulate Amazon’s ranking algorithm. Directly thereafter he scheduled a Solo Blast to cement a page one ranking for his most relevant and competitive keyword.

After the Solo Blast of 100 units, he scheduled a WAVE4 four days later releasing 40 units per day. The results were exactly as hoped; page one ranking for two major keywords.

From Ryan, “The results were amazing.  I targeted two of my main keywords on a four day wave and moved from #29 to #2 and from #43 to #5 on those keywords.



Ryan explains his strategy utilizing SixLeaf, “I’ve used SixLeaf [then ZonBlast] on my previous brand with great success many times in the past.  I am a huge fan of the new heatseeker url type.  I found that I was able to rank far better using heatseeker while giving away fewer units than before.  In the past, I would give away 100-250 units for each blast.  Nowadays with heatseeker, I usually give away around 80-100 on a solo blast and around 40-50 per day on a wave and usually get to the top of page 1 for my main keyword.

To Five Figure Monthly Sales…..and Beyond

After the dust settled from his initial launch with SixLeaf, he has managed to build up his new pet brand to an average of $18,000 a month in sales! From zero to five figures in such a short period of time is impressive and exactly what we aim for at SixLeaf.

Ryan is still working with his old brand, and currently manages six products total between the two. He plans to grow to over twenty products and will utilize SixLeaf promotions to launch all of them to the top.

So as you can see, Ryan leveraged his background education and experience and combined that with an effective launch strategy and our services to catapult his brands to success. And truly, anyone can.