Courier Puts You In Control Of Your Promotions

Tapping the revolutionary power of ZonBlast, Courier allows you to create offers for any platform, deliver single use codes on demand, utilize proven marketing techniques, and rank virtually at will on third party sales platforms.

Tap the Power of ZonBlast

With SixLeaf, you’ll tap the revolutionary power of ZonBlast, including the industry-leading Heatseeker URL for your own promotions with your own audience on your own terms. The Courier platform is incredibly flexible and adaptable, allows you to deliver codes for virtually any platform within just a couple minutes of setup. And now with scarcity features, you can prompt your audience and visitors to buy on demand.


ManyChat Integration

Utilize the sheer force of ZonBlast anywhere you need it, including in Facebook Messenger. With Courier’s Manychat integration, you can deliver single-use codes (if you desire) as well as leverage the awesome power of Heatseeker from within chat messages, combining the community building strength of Messenger and the ranking might of ZonBlast. Now scaling your brand is a bot conversation away.


Grow Your Brand On Any Platform

Courier allows you to make your ads more compelling with a discount offer. By giving you the power to offer and distribute unique coupon codes on any platform, you can scale your paid advertising efforts. The way Courier works is simple; you design an offer, input your coupon codes, and set the dates the offer will be available. Then the Courier system will provide you with a snippet of code that you can copy and paste into your funnel.

Distribute Codes on ANY platform. With Courier, you can boost sales on or off Amazon. The system will distribute codes from any platform, whether they are from Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Ebay or another marketplace. Rank your marketplace listings or build out a sales funnel you can own. Courier puts the power of your marketing back into your hands.

When you drive coupon sales to your own web properties, you fully own the customer data. With Courier, you can build a PPC to shopping cart sales funnel that not only makes your brand profit, but also helps you to build a customer list you can scale from.

Integrate with the Platform of Your Choice. Courier offers code snippets in HTML, Javascript, iFrame and can even host the coupon delivery page on our servers (server side link) which allows our clients to deliver codes on any platform they wish. The code snippets works with Clickfunnels, Lead Pages, Shopify, WordPress and more.

The biggest benefit to Courier is with the Amazon coupon code feature. When distributing codes for the Amazon platform, sellers are able to direct buyers back to their listing using the power of ZonBlast URLs.  Sidewinder and Heatseeker URLs, available only through ZonBlast, are possible choices for the clickable URL presented to buyers after they are given a code. That means with Courier, you can run your own blasts to a list you own or through advertising and rank page one on Amazon.

What You Get With Courier

Common Questions

What platforms does Code Courier work with?2018-11-07T15:33:16-05:00

Code courier provides a short, simple segment of code that you can insert into practically any platform of your own choosing. WordPress, Clickfunnels, and Shopify are commonly used by our clients. Standard HTML pages and any platform which allows HTML editing or insertion of simple code will be perfectly compatible with Code Courier. Not sure if your chosen content platform works with us or not? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

What do you mean tap the power of ZonBlast?2018-11-07T15:33:19-05:00

The entire backbone of Code Courier is based on the industry-first, and industry-best ZonBlast 3.5 system. Our code delivery platform as well as our URLs are direct out of ZonBlast. That means you’ll be able to use Heatseeker URLs where and when you choose.

Can this work with non-Amazon sales channels?2018-11-07T15:33:22-05:00

Yes! While we do make available Amazon URLs (Sidewinder, Canonical, and Heatseeker), you are able to enter any URL you’d like, such as a link to your Shopify store, WalMart, or any other third party platform.

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