Welcome to the B2B (Back to Basics) series by SixLeaf. This is a 10 episode series that takes you back to the basics of getting started on Amazon. From product selection to listing and beyond, the B2B series walks you through the basic steps to success on the Amazon platform.

B2B Eps. 4 – How to Craft the Perfect Title

One of the most crucial aspects of success on Amazon is optimization of a listing. Fully optimizing and maximizing a listing’s ability to make sales depends on effectively communicating BENEFITS to potential buyers while also including key terms for Amazon’s algorithm. The title is important in this process because it both helps win the click of browsing customers as well as tells Amazon’s system what keywords the listing should be ranking for.

Today in Episode 4 of our Back to Basics program, we will discuss how to craft the perfect title to get more TRAFFIC and SALES to your Amazon listing!

Summary Steps:

Step 1 – Conduct extensive keyword research and identify three or four highly trafficked key terms.

Step 2 – List the features of your product. Focus on how the customer’s life will improve because of those features. Those are called benefits. Make a list of the benefits.

Step 3 – Write out the benefits using the three or four key terms you identified in your keyword research.

Step 4 – Take those benefits written with your key terms and try to make them concise. Trim the list to less than 200 characters.

Step 5 – Arrange your most trafficked key term correlating to your most popular benefit in the front (as the first part) of the title so that it is displayed within the first 80 characters.

Step 6 – EXAMPLE: Pet Grooming Brush for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits – Big or Small, Short & Long Fur – Quality Pet Products by PetTastic


Stay tuned for the next episode of B2B where we go over how to write features (bullets) that convert.