Asset 5l


The essentials for early stage and new Brands with one Seller Central who are getting started or in the early stages of growth.

$ 47 /mo
  • Full Access to Phoenix 2.0, powered by RISE Sales Estimation
  • Complete automation of your review-getting process with Auto Review
  • Grow your product catalog and monitor competition with Seeds
  • Limited access to Lynx
  • Protect your inventory with Guard
Asset 4l


Perfect for fast-growth Brands and those entrepreneurs looking to scale quickly with up to two Seller Central Accounts

$ 97 /mo
  • Everything in Acorn, PLUS
  • Access to ZonBlast Next, the industry's most powerful launch platform
  • Access to Aspen API and ManyChat automations (coming soon)
  • Up to 50,000 clicks per month in Lynx
  • Access to custom domains and slugs in Lynx
Asset 6l


The solution for seasoned Brand Owners with up to four Seller Central account aiming for fast (and exponential) growth

$ 147 /mo
  • Everything in Oak, PLUS
  • Full access to ZonBlast Next with lowest feees available
  • Enhanced Access to Aspen API (coming soon)
  • Full access to Lynx with up to 500,000 clicks per month
  • Early access to new SixLeaf innovations
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