How many promotions can I run?

With each product plan, you set the number of days you want your promotion to run for. Whether you want just a few days or several days throughout your billing cycle, it all falls under the same monthly product plan price.

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How soon can I start a promotion?

You can get started in just a few minutes and have your promotion scheduled to start within 48 hours of signing up. Upon signup, you will receive instructions & walkthrough videos to get you up and running quickly. Any questions? Hit the blue messaging icon at the bottom right of the screen to get in [...]

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Can I expect reviews from a Blast?

SixLeaf/ZonBlast is not a review service. As we have positioned from day one of our operations, we have maintained the position that requiring reviews in order for buyers to partake in your promotion is outside of both Amazon TOS as well as FTC guidance. We do not require our deals community to leave reviews, nor [...]

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Is running a promotion safe?

Promotions/Blasts with the ZonBlast 3.0 platform are 100% in compliance with Amazon's ever-changing Terms of Service. We go above and beyond to make sure everything we do is in compliance with Amazon, and we constantly monitor changes within Amazon to ensure so.

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What is the purpose of a “Blast” or a promotion?

What SixLeaf does for your brand is equal to a black friday sale, or any number of deep discount sales that exist in typical brick and mortar such as grand opening sales or holiday sales. We place your offer in front of one hundred thousand customers hungry for a great deal on an even better [...]

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