Our next case study follows Jack J. and his journey from being a commercial airline pilot to an extremely successful ecommerce entrepreneur. He and his partner, who practiced Chinese medicine, had what seemed to be the farthest thing from any background that could prepare them for this journey.

But a love for the nomadic lifestyle and the need to not be subject to corporate shackles drove him to seek out the entrepreneurial path.

Jack started with less than $15,000 initial investment, but regularly injected personal income, all of which went into inventory and packaging. This aggressive start ensured there was plenty of inventory and a well-established brand to hit the ground running.

Old School Launch Strategy

Jack started well before SixLeaf existed, so in the early days he placed ads on Craigslist for free product in exchange for reviews, a tactic that is arguably grayhat. It was a struggle for a while and not much came from those ads. Jack attributes the success of his current review count to the introduction of feedback follow up email services.

Despite those struggles, Jack’s business grew rapidly. With just three SKUs he managed to catapult to over $20,000 a month revenue in just four months, and was over $60,000 a month after his first year selling on Amazon. Jack claims that the key to this rapid success was reinvesting all of the revenue and even injecting personal capital.

Introducing SixLeaf to the Business

Jack began to employ SixLeaf’s promotion services in May of 2015. There was a bit of trial and error in figuring out the right mix of promotion schedule and frequency, but now he has a solid promotional roadmap that works for him and his products.

By initially launching with a Solo Blast and then follow up with a multi-day promotion, Jack claims he was able to make massive strides in rankings and only needed to maintain with smaller promotions every few weeks.

He claims this strategy has really helped grow many of his brands. For example, one brand suffered several products being blocked for a few months and because of that revenues dropped to $70,000 (not to mention keyword ranking completely plummeted). After the listings were unblocked all of the products were regularly blasted and in just three months revenues were back up to over $115,000! That’s an increase of 60%.


To give an example of the success Jack has had in ranking keywords, he tells us of a product he had launched a while back with about 100 reviews. It was a well-established listing, but he knew it could do better. He did just three solo blasts and reached number one for the top, most relevant and highest searched keyword. This has had a significant effect on sales.


Jack and his partner have really hit the grind for the past few years and now have 35 Skus across seven different categories. He projects revenue for 2016 will reach 2.5 million!

Jack says future plans are to grow even faster by launching new products every couple of months. Each product will be launched using the promotion roadmap Jack created for his business and SixLeaf’s platform to deliver those promotions.