The Struggle is Real.

By far, one of the biggest questions we get is “how do I get my product out of the grind?”. To do that, one must know what the “grind” is. If you’re not at five figures in your monthly sales revenue, you are well seated in the grind.



So, what do you do?

Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to climb up and over that mountain and create a sustainable income for your product, starting with optimization. Your copy and photography will be the first two things that catch a consumer’s eye, so keeping your copy compelling and your photos professional will most certainly help you achieve the “buy”. Your customers have feelings. Take the time in your listing copy to accentuate that element.  When you’ve created a listing that speaks to both Amazon’s spiders AND your buyers, then you’ve made it! I know, I know, it’s much easier said than done, but by using relevant keywords throughout your listing and creating inspired copy using those keywords, you really can’t go wrong.


Next up…

Your customers have feelings. Take the time in your listing copy to accentuate that element.

Reviews. As time goes on, you’ll garner reviews, sure, but it’s those first ones that are going to help launch your product properly. Reach out to those that know you and know your product. Get them to buy and review. If that’s not enough, find groups on social sites like Facebook that may have an interest in the product you’re selling, and post there. Getting your product in front of an audience will always be key, and sometimes getting that visibility requires a little hustle.



The Last Piece of the Puzzle.

The biggest part of this whole thing: VISIBILITY. You can’t sell if those that want your product don’t know that you’re there or how to find you. Sponsored product ads are a great place to start, as they put you on page one for the RELEVANT keywords you’ve chosen. The “key word” here: relevant. Sales velocity is the number one ranking factor on Amazon, so getting those buyers that are interested in your type of product able to see you, is paramount. However, that all start with the key terms you’ve chosen to invest in.

A great way to find keywords to rank for is use a launch service, or use one of the multiple keyword ranking platforms available. Keywords can be tricky, but they are the key to stimulating sales velocity, which in turn, will get you ranking. Simple, right?

It’s called the grind for a reason. Ranking and sustaining that rank is a daily battle for every ecommerce seller, but it is surmountable with the right approach, proper research, a keen eye for detail, and maybe just a little help from your friends.