If you sell on Amazon, then you are growing one of your brand’s most valuable assets; and I’m not even talking about the actual sales fueling your cashflow. I’m talking about DATA. With sales data, you can laser focus your advertising while also stepping up your marketing.

Check out this video on how:

Even with the limited information Amazon gives us about our buyers, we can use that data to identify other potential customers on Facebook. These new potential customers, found by creating a lookalike audience, can then be sent right back to your products for more sales.

And with audience insights, you can really get to know who your audience is. By knowing their age, income level, interests, buying habits and other details, you are able to craft the perfect marketing messages that make them want to buy.

Access at Your Fingertips

The great news is, you can have access to this powerful asset with just the click of a button. With Bridge by SixLeaf, we put easy access to your buyer data right in front of you. You can transform your advertising and marketing efforts from frustrating and complex to simple and targeted (and profitable) simply by segmenting your buyer information with parameters you set.

Bridge will also automatically communicate that information to your Facebook ad account. Or, you can export the data in a report and take it wherever you like.

Unprecedented control over your customer data like this will do wonders for your business. Watch as:

  • Cost per click plummets
  • Cost per acquisition declines
  • Ad relevancy skyrockets
  • Engagement increases

Even if you don’t want to run paid advertising, the demographic information is of tremendous value.

Imagine knowing:

  • Your customers’ gender
  • Your customers’ age
  • Your customers’ income
  • Your customers’ home value
  • Your customers’ interests
  • Pages your customers liked
  • Amount of engagement your customers typically have on FB

And do you know what the best part is? You can get a hold of Bridge and take control over your sales data FOR FREE!