Build and Optimize Your Audience with Branded Links

Lynx is a branded link shortener and retargeting tool that empowers you to brand, track, and share short URLs

Why Lynx?

Short URLs, particularly Branded short links, increase click through rate across the board. Whether you’re running a Facebook campaign, Adwords campaigns, dropping links for influencers in YouTube or Instagram descriptions, or you’re just running your own email campaign, a short link running on the Lynx backbone will get more eyeballs on your products. Lynx is a complete platform to control a users’s experience, manage your link portfolio, and retarget your audience.

Increase CTR with Brand Links

Branded links provide a premium experience for your audience and measurably increase click through rates on ads and campaigns of all types. Leverage our custom domain option (and, soon, custom slugs), to improve Brand recognition and improve your campaign performance.

Building Audiences with Retargeting Pixels

Without retargeting your visitors, you’re leaving money on the table. Lynx makes it simple to fire retargeting pixels from platforms like Facebook, Adwords, TikTok, and more, adding them to your retargeting audiences in ad platforms, and ultimately resulting in cheaper cost per click in ongoing campaigns.

Add Pixels to Amazon

Now you can send traffic from your own audiences or ad campaigns direct to Amazon without losing the audience forever. We can add any pixel you want to your favorite Amazon link style, and ensure you’ll be able to retarget them afterwards on virtually any major ad platform of your choice.

Give Your Audience a Mobile Ready Experience

Deep link to a visitor’s Amazon app on both Apple and Android. No code, no tech knowledge, and no third party application required. Simply create a Lynx short URL, turn the Deep Link feature on, and your visitors will be redirected to the Amazon app upon any click.

Bring Life to Your Inserts with QR

QR Codes are becoming more accepted as being quick and easy ways to get customers to take action. Whether it’s on insert inside your package, or on the package itself, QR codes enhance marketing efforts by allowing for endless creativity that creates a customer for life.

Coming Soon

Next Level Branding with Custom Slugs

Take your Branded experience to the next level by customizing the slug (or back half) of the Lynx short URL. This is the easiest way to control your Brand’s experience, especially in front of cold traffic, while increasing click through rates across the board.

A Complete Suite of Linking Options Available with a Click

With over a dozen URL options, you have complete control over how you feed the A9 Algorithm.


As the backbone to our ZonBlast Classic & Next platforms, this automates search and find organically and effectively for the user.


Send traffic to any destination, whether it’s your brand’s site, shopify, etsy, or anywhere else.

Amazon's Choice

Display your product with the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge.

2-Step Brand

Filter the search for your buyer by Brand and Product, attribute a keyword, and land them on a simplified Amazon search page.

Buy Together

Control the Frequently Bought Together section of your listing by encouraging purchase of two target ASINs.

Dynamic Super

A classic choice for many sellers, send visitors directly to your listing with keyword attribution and updated timestamp.


This is the classic, search engine friendly URL that is typically generated by Amazon. Optionally, take control over your canonical URL by manipulating keywords.


Facilitate reviews from your customers by sending them directly to a pre-populated 5 star review page for your product.


A small, super simple link which places the visitor directly on your listing. No keywords necessary.

Grow Your Brand & Expand Your Reach with Every Click