Identify Most Valuable Products on Amazon

Driven by advanced data analytics across hundreds of millions of data points every month, MVP™ by SixLeaf helps clients identify the most profitable product opportunities available on Amazon.

Pinpoint the Diamonds in the Rough with MVP™

By gathering data on an evergreen basis on the best selling products in 20,000+ nodes using our RISE engine and more, we apply our proprietary algorithms to identify the best products for your Brand based on popularity, frequency of sales, profitability, and more. We help you identify the best of the best – the MVPs –  leaving no guess work or room for error.

The Opportunity

Our analytics purposely targets the hard to find, moderate to high profit, and sought after products in the niches that your competitors simply overlook. Gone are the days of scanning individual nodes for hours on end, or getting lost in the rabbit hole of niches that may be profitable, but simply don’t sell well.

The Ideal Product

You can have a highly profitable product on Amazon, but if no one buys it, it’s not worth your time. Likewise, you can have a product that sells well, but if it doesn’t drive profit, what’s the point? (Garlic presses, anyone)? MVP helps Brand Owners:

Make the Next Steps Simple

Now that you have your own MVP™, you’ll source your product with ease, get samples, brand as you see fit, order your first batch and launch at will in an largely untapped diamond-in-the-rough node that you’re about to dominate.

Accuracy Is Everything

The other tools on the market, like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, and others stake their claim as most accurate on the market. They were most accurate. Until now. As the foundation to the RISE algorithm, we’ve dedicated countless man hours, and unfathomable amounts of server processing energy to developing what is currently the most accurate tool on the market…by a long shot.

Ryan Daniel Moran

"ZonBlast has created more success on Amazon than anyone I know."

Bradley Sutton

"I have launched almost 100 products and with every single one I've gotten to page one. SixLeaf is next level status for my needs."

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