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Sales copy isn’t just words on a page. It appeals to emotion, induces action, and, done right, produces long-term results and sustainability. Optimized copy is an art form only an artist can deliver. Our expert copywriters analyze your niche and competition and create a listing that will get clicks, convert buyers, and “stick the landing” long-term in Amazon’s search results. The Amazon A9 ranking algorithm is largely driven by conversion rate. And conversion rate is driven by excellent presentation of your product and brand.


Solidify Rankings by Increasing Conversions

Images are the most important aspect of an online listing. As such, there are specific rules and strategies one can employ to maximize their effectiveness. We know those strategies and share them to ensure your product listing has the greatest chance of winning the click.

The title of a product listing is crucial for both click through as well as conversions. Not only that, but it is also the most heavily weighted aspect of a listing in terms of SEO and indexing. Our professional copywriters do the research to find the most critical keywords, and weave them into sale-winning benefits, to deliver a concise and effective product listing title.

Bullet points, or “key features,” are the portion of a listing that outlines what benefits a buyer will enjoy when purchasing a product. This section serves as the persuading copy that typically convinces a potential buyer off the fence, as well as an essential part of the SEO that ensures indexing and ranking for important key phrases. Our copywriters write stunning copy that paints your product in the best light, while also including important key terms for the algorithm spiders.

Product descriptions help flesh out the details of a listing’s feature list. This is where potential customers can dive deeper into the intricacies of a product. It also represents another opportunity to win over buyers with an outstanding story AND ensure indexing for important key phrases. Our writers are well versed in conveying a brand and its offerings in the best light in the description area.

Search terms are essentially the “meta data” of a product listing. These are often referred to as “keywords” as that is what it is made up of. As such, it requires a good deal of keyword research, an often daunting task. Our professional writers are extremely capable researchers that will uncover the most highly trafficked and searched key terms to use both in the search term section as well as throughout the listing.

A crucial part of any ecommerce endeavor is paid advertising, otherwise known as PPC (pay per click). Dialing in PPC requires solid keyword research that uncovers both profitable keywords as well as mid and long tail key phrases that offer a wide range of visibility in relevant areas. Our professionals will provide you with more than enough phrases and terms to get your PPC endeavors off to a good start.

“Just wanted to thank you VERY much for the awesome listing copy! I really like everything and I am pleased and I will re-use the service in the future. I’ve already applied everything in my back end and I think it looks great!”

Mike, Nutrition Brand

Every Optimize Order Gets:

  • Three Titles
    Keyword-rich, attention-grabbing titles are provided in 3 variations, ready to be placed directly into your listing.

  • Benefit Rich Bullets
    Put visitors in the shoes of owning your product and you’ll have customers for life.

  • Search Terms
    Copy-paste right into Seller Central to get your product in front of the right audience at the right time.

  • PPC Keywords
    Get the key words and phrases you need to optimize your PPC campaigns.

  • Image Analysis
    We tell you precisely how to optimize your photos for maximum click thru from search.

  • Pricing Analysis & Suggestions
    You may not be priced for maximum net profit; try our suggested prices to maximize your product’s long-term potential.

  • Competitive Analysis
    We dive deep into understanding your competitors’ products and what they get right (and wrong).

  • Choose Your Delivery Date
    Deliverable as a PDF and ready to copy-paste into Seller Central.

Common Questions

Can I see examples of listings that you’ve Optimized?2018-10-25T05:02:54-04:00

We do not generally provide examples of our work as a result of our strict non disclosure and confidentiality agreement within our Terms of Service. Without explicit permission from prior customers, we are not able to provide contracted work examples. That being said, our testimonials for Optimize are extensive and can be found here

What is Optimize?2018-10-25T05:38:11-04:00

Optimize (formerly ZonOptimize) is a copywriting service which taps into our team’s extensive experience in sales and marketing. Give us your ASIN and product information and we provide a fully optimized listing, including multiple title options, bullets, description, recommended search terms and more. We even advise as to recommendations for pictures as well as price points and competitive landscape analysis.

What is turnaround time for an Optimize order?2018-10-25T05:04:34-04:00

Orders are typically scheduled via a convenient calendar during the order process. You will be able to see the delivery dates available prior to payment.

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