Our next client case study is Jonathan G. Jonathan came from the stiff suit and tie corporate background so many of us are familiar with. When given a job offer to make multiple six figures a year, he turned it down because his entrepreneurial spirit was beginning to rear its head. He experimented with selling various things on Amazon and thought that there might be something there worth investigating.

Jonathan knew starting his own brand of products would take commitment, as well as an investment. He invested $25,000 of his own money into his initial product order and then proceeded to max out credit as well. That investment allowed him to launch with three size and five color variations of a single product.

The Beginning Launch

In the beginning Jonathan’s launch strategy was less sophisticated than what we have available to us now. He simply lowered his price to break-even levels in order to gain traction. He would accumulate reviews by reaching out all over the internet in his efforts.

Because of those initial dabblings in Amazon, Jonathan had an idea of how the marketplace worked, and was able to quickly generate $20 to $30k a month in sales for his brand. However, he stayed at that level for some time before finally expanding into new products. From there his revenues grew dramatically.

Enter ZonBlast

Jonathan has now implemented blasting promotions into his strategy and has introduced some high value products into his line-up, ranking them with SixLeaf. His first experience blasting a product he went from net negative to all the stellar profits being stuck right in the middle of page one for a highly competitive search term offers.

Jonathan says that blasting gives him the opportunity to launch products faster, because it significantly decreases the time it takes to rank and grow. As such, he has been on rapid pace launching products for his brand.

Here is an example of the quick rankings Jonathan achieved with his promos:


And here is where he ended up ranking for a major search term on a completely different product:


The Future Looks Bright

Jonathan reports that he did over $1.1 million in sales last year, but is on pace to do well over $2 million in 2016. His goal is to reach $500k a month in sales and be well on his way to $1 million a month in 2017. His strategy is to continue employing business practices he knows works, and ranking for high traffic keywords is one of them.

We seem to see a consistent theme the more we speak to successful sellers. They understand there are many elements to growing a brand, but ranking for keywords is definitely one of them.

This is why we have such a great relationship with so many of our clients. We forge a partnership that becomes indispensable to the future of the business. And we are proud of that. We hope to help many more entrepreneurs like Jonathan reach heights they never thought possible.