Revolutionize Your Product Research

Powered by RISE, Phoenix offers the most accurate sales estimates available. And proprietary tools like ASIN Strength, Listing Quality, and more bridge the gap between overwhelming amounts of data, and actionable information.

Next-Level Analytics

Making key decisions about your Brand is more than just relying on an antiquated 5 star “score”. You should be able to quickly and efficiently measure a product, niche, or keyword on multiple levels to decide whether the product you’re about to commit time, energy, and money into will be successful. Most tools simply present data on screen. Phoenix helps you make key decisions by digesting the data we bring in, processing it with our proprietary algorithms,  and identifying ASIN Strength, BSR Consistency, Listing Quality and more (coming soon).


Strength available at both ASIN + Niche level identifies difficult-to-enter niches and products which may have solidified their rank.


Still here and still effective at providing a missing component in the research process. Easily see which ASINs Amazon believes are most relevant for the searched keyword.

BSR Consistency

BSR Consistency helps you understand which products are incredibly stable and thus are likely to overcome.

Listing Quality

Listing Quality helps identify listings that may be difficult to move past when launching.

Review Velocity

Review Velocity can identify weak products in the space…and which may be “gaming” the review system.

The RISE Algorithm

RISE, or Real-time Integrated Sales Engine, is the SixLeaf Phoenix sales estimation algorithm. Stop relying on inaccurate and imprecise sales numbers. Our algorithm runs on years of data, hundreds of millions of data points, and is backed by a team of machine learning-focused data analysts. To see just how much more accurate and precise RISE is against existing tools, click here.

The Ultimate Spy Software

Ever wonder why other sellers seem to have “insider info” on what sells and what doesn’t? With Phoenix, there are no hidden secrets to selling online anymore!

Finding Good Products, FAST

Want to earn serious cash selling on Amazon®️ but drained by how long it takes to research products? Wish there was a way to know ahead of time exactly which products fly off shelves? Now there is…Phoenix by SIXLEAF can turn you into a super sleuth seller by uncovering exactly which products to sell, and which to avoid! Saving you hundreds of hours on product research… and so much more!

Accuracy Is Everything

The other tools on the market, like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, and others stake their claim as most accurate on the market. They were most accurate. Until now. As the foundation to the RISE algorithm, we’ve dedicated countless man hours, and unfathomable amounts of server processing energy to developing what is currently the most accurate tool on the market…by a long shot.

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The fastest and easiest way to see keyword volumes based on your searches. Craft effective PPC campaigns, optimize your listings SEO and improve your details pages with the right keywords. And know with confidence, that your chosen niche has the traffic necessary to really scale to meet expectations!

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Keyword searches are now data searches allowing you to see products estimated sales, revenues and profits in real time as you evaluate your keywords potential. Quickly look over your product research, or get a fast look at your competitions sales data. Then dig in knowing that you’ve chosen the right product to research deeper!

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In a few seconds the Listing Quality Optimizer will give you a score of 1-10. The higher the score, the better the listing, the lower the score the more opportunity that listing presents. For sellers, this data is invaluable when it comes to better rankings, higher conversion rates and more sales!

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How do you know if that $5k a month product is really profitable? With the power of the Product Forecast Index, selling products becomes less of a ‘gut’ decision. Instead, using our proven pricing matrix, default COGS and data estimates, you’ll know without a doubt that a product will sell well, sell profitably and allow you huge growth potential!

Green Lights Mean You Can Sell It

Phoenix now takes you “by the numbers” to know with 80% confidence, that a product currently selling on Amazon, is one that you can sell yourself profitably! Simply follow the lights, green means GO, yellow means CAUTION and Red means NO GO! If a product goes all Green on the ‘lights’ columns, it’s time to find a supplier and get started selling immediately!

SixLeaf Metrics

The Sixleaf Score™ uses a proprietary algorithm to generate a single score that represents the overall attractiveness of the products in the search according to profitability, competition, demand, and relative performance compared to other products. A high score indicates that these products are searched often, listed properly, sell well, and make money for their sellers. A low score indicates that these products are not searched for very much, not listed particularly well, not selling well, and/or not profitable.


The Sixleaf Node Score™ (0-10) indicates how well these products sell compared with the other products in this Department. A high score indicates that these are among the best-selling products on Amazon, whereas a low score indicates that these kinds of products are not selling well on Amazon right now.


The Sixleaf Competition Score™ (0-10) indicates the general quality of the products and listing elements of those products included in the search results. A high competition score indicates excellent listings and customer satisfaction. A low competition score indicates poor listing quality and low customer satisfaction.


The Sixleaf Demand Score™ analyzes various telltale factors associated with the search term and products that respond to it, using our proprietary algorithm to determine level of customer demand. A high Demand Score indicates high search volume resulting in high sales compared to other products in the node and in the department. A low score indicates low search volume and/or low comparative sales, or both.


The Sixleaf Revenue Score™ analyzes the cash flow and profitability per unit of the products in the search. A high score indicates that the products in the search enjoy significant cash flow AND profitability. A low score indicates slow sales, low profit, or both.

Get Phoenix today, and uncover fast-selling, high ROI products using these unique features:

  • Best-Seller Rankings

    Find one bestseller after another after another… officially uncovering hidden gems

  • Market Overview

    Pull back from the granularity of individual products and get a clear understanding of a given market as a whole

  • Profit Forecast

    Dive deep and identify your expected gross, net, ROI and margin for a given niche

  • Research Your Niche

    Find Out Exactly Which Category/Nodes you need to focus on for best results

  • Intelligent Filters

    Easily filter by category or column and drill down to find exactly the parameters you are looking for

  • Star Rating Stats

    View product review statistics, including number of reviews and the average star rating instantly for any product

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