Revolutionize Your Product Research

Powered by RISE, Phoenix offers the most accurate sales estimates available. And proprietary tools like ASIN Strength, Listing Quality, and more bridge the gap between overwhelming amounts of data, and actionable information.


Strength available at both ASIN + Niche level identifies difficult-to-enter niches and products which may have solidified their rank.

Listing Quality

Listing Quality helps identify listings that may be difficult to move past when launching.

BSR Consistency

BSR Consistency helps you understand which products are incredibly stable and thus are likely to overcome.

Review Velocity

Review Velocity can identify weak products in the space…and which may be “gaming” the review system.


Relevancy…still here and still effective at providing a missing component in the research process. Easily see which ASINs Amazon believes are most relevant for the searched keyword.

The RISE Algorithm

RISE, or Real-time Integrated Sales Engine, is the SixLeaf Phoenix sales estimation algorithm. Stop relying on inaccurate and imprecise sales numbers. Our algorithm runs on years of data, hundreds of millions of data points, and is backed by a team of machine learning-focused data analysts. To see just how much more accurate and precise RISE is against existing tools, click here.


Accuracy Is Everything

The other tools on the market, like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, and others stake their claim as most accurate on the market. They were most accurate. Until now. As the foundation to the RISE algorithm, we’ve dedicated countless man hours, and unfathomable amounts of server processing energy to developing what is currently the most accurate tool on the market…by a long shot.

  • Mean Error Rate of 6% (compare to next best Viral Launch at 31%)

  • Most Accurate & Precise Tool Available

  • Median Error Rate of 1% (Compare to next-best Jungle Scout at 16%)

  • Continually Updated & Refined


Validate Products & Niches

With Phoenix’s RISE algorithm and our proprietary metrics, you’re able to quickly and efficiently determine whether a product is right for your Brand. By allowing you to tap into the machine learning algorithm that runs RISE, and by providing custom and unique algorithms like Strength and BSR Consistency, you’re able to research niches faster, identify product opportunities more reliably, and move into new markets confidently.


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Ryan Daniel Moran TestimonialRyan Daniel Moran,

“I had my first $3k organic day today … And it’s all because of the tools in ZonBlast – 100% serious. If I didn’t have those ranking tools available, I would be languishing … Thanks guys!”

Brian Creager TestimonialBrian Creager, Product Hatchery

“Exactly one month in yesterday and I did my first $1000 day…none of this could have happened any more perfectly and I just want to give a huge thanks to the master himself, Joe Junfola for making it all possible.”

Doug Daly, Zero to Hero Case Study

“On my main keyword, I moved from 18 to NUMBER 1! And on my secondary keywords, I moved from 26 to 11, and 12 to 8!”

Kellianne Fedio TestimonialKellianne Fedio, 7 Figure Brand Owner

It’s Time For Your Brand To Take Flight

Let’s take your growth curve exponential with the most advanced sales estimation algorithm available.