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Review Rush

Hyper-optimized followups for the Amazon Messaging System
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Convert Buyers to Reviewers

For most products on Amazon, less than 2% of most sales convert to reviews. At that rate, it could take forever to grow your Brand. It doesn’t have to be that way… Create a relationship and dialogue with your customers; engage them, and you can initiate a steady stream of reviews from passionate customers. Share a few simple details about your Brand and your product and we’ll craft a professional review-getting follow-up sequence that will delight customers and create a passionate fanbase.


Turn on Your Review Machine

Get professionally written copy, customized to your brand or product so your customers can genuinely connect with your company. The personal, personable touch of your new email sequence conveys to buyers that they are being cared for and are appreciated…and it hits just the right triggers to elicit response in the form of feedback and reviews.

When building a brand, presentation is everything. Your Review Rush order comes with html templates that include any brand images you provide such as banners or logos, headshots and signatures. This will set you apart from your competition and present your brand in a professional manner.

Review Rush orders provide not only a PDF that includes a copy/paste-able subject line, but also text files with html that includes the template, images and font stylings for your customized email sequence. The html can then simply be copied and pasted into a feedback email service and then you are set to get a steady stream of reviews.

Missing Social Proof?

If you’ve been a seller of your own branded products for any amount of time on Amazon then you’ve learned of the importance of product reviews. At some point, every soon-to-be successful seller learns that reviews are necessary. Reviews are social proof; they enable buyers to feel safer about their purchase and they level the playing field against bigger, more established brands.

Review Rush isn’t a sneaky, gray or black hat tactic that tricks Amazon’s system. It’s carefully crafted, professionally written copy that conforms to Amazon’s terms and results in a steady stream of reviews. The Review Rush sequence is customized and crafted to your needs, and inspires customers to feel good about your brand.


What You Get with Review Rush

  • Custom crafted, review-getting copy

  • Two subject lines optimized for open rates for each email in your follow-up sequence (for split-testing & optimization)

  • Integration with deliverables such as PDF content and more

  • Content catered to your Brand, product, and niche

  • Specific strategy in place to increase organic reviews

  • Advisement for integrating your new Review Rush sequence into the messaging platform of your choice

  • Custom crafted, review-getting copy

“Thanks! This service was advertised and lived up to my very high expectations. Thanks so much!”

Mike, Sports & Outdoors Brand

“Thank you, I have received the follow-up emails and they look great!”

Dan, Health & Personal Care Brand

“Thanks a lot for the emails…I appreciate the base you guys have given us here.”

Kevin, Supplement Brand

Common Questions

What is Review Rush?2018-11-07T15:13:20-05:00

Review Rush is a copywriting service for your Amazon messaging system communications with customers. Using your product and any information you provide, we will write an optimized followup sequence that can then be used inside the followup tool of your choice.

Can I see examples of followup sequences that you’ve written for other brands?2018-11-07T15:13:23-05:00

We do not generally provide examples of our work as a result of our strict non disclosure and confidentiality agreement within our Terms of Service. Without explicit permission from prior customers, we are not able to provide contracted work examples. That being said, our testimonials for Review Rush are extensive and can be found here

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