In another edition of Client Case Studies we’ll discuss Alex M.’s story of how he went from corporate marketing to online entrepreneur. A little work experience primed him for what would become his own brand and eventual entrepreneurial empire. We’re just glad we could help. Here’s his story.

Alex started in retail stores and worked his way into corporate positions with big companies like Porsche and Adobe. After being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, he invested around $12,000 into his future, most of that going into initial inventory. He jumped head first into a highly competitive niche (sports and outdoors) with thirteen SKUs.

Launching with Conviction

Alex had a plan when launching and budgeted 400 units in “giveaways” for friends and family and a third party review-based platform in an effort to get initial reviews. Shortly thereafter he went aggressively after five solo blasts releasing a total of 450 more units.

After his very first month and a successful launch, he managed $2000 in organic sales and that grew to $4000 soon thereafter. Now, just a few months after launching, the brand is strong with solid five figure monthly sales as well as great rankings.



Alex now plans to reinvest in new products to expand the brand and continue to leverage SixLeaf as his vehicle of ranking choice.

These are the amazing results SixLeaf gets our clients time and time again. If you are looking for the fastest way to grow your brand, we have just what you are looking for.

SixLeaf and heatseeker does it again with another amazing success story!