The Best Way To Conduct Keyword Research

...Is by Saving Money & Time   Have you launched products and struggled with what keywords to target for ranking or PPC? I mean, it doesn’t seem to matter how much keyword research we do, in the end we always seem to second guess ourselves. Because we want the process to go smoothly and perfectly. [...]

NEW New Data About Amazon Launches & Ranking

The Amazon game, it changes so rapidly and constantly, it definitely keeps us all on our toes. And Oh Boy has the rumor mill been crazy alive lately. No matter how much data and, essentially PROOF, we present on the topic, the debate rages on as to whether promos still “work.” Some people believe that [...]

What Is the Biggest Factor in Ranking Today?

It is always a topic of discussion; what exactly makes Amazon’s ranking algorithm tick. Speculation runs rampant. Everyone has theories, some founded in evidence and observation, some on wild conjecture. In the end, a small group of algorithm engineers at Amazon are the only ones that are fully in the know. For the rest of [...]

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Traditional Methodology Meets Modern Distribution

Our next client case study, Mike R., changed course dramatically from the intention of being a physician to finishing up his degree in finance instead. He ended up out of college working as an analyst for a large firm. From the sea of cubicles, Mike realized he would not attain fulfillment having to work for [...]

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From the Friendly Skies to the Amazon

Our next case study follows Jack J. and his journey from being a commercial airline pilot to an extremely successful ecommerce entrepreneur. He and his partner, who practiced Chinese medicine, had what seemed to be the farthest thing from any background that could prepare them for this journey. But a love for the nomadic lifestyle [...]

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Said Goodbye to Corporate Drudgery & Hello to Freedom

In another edition of Client Case Studies we’ll discuss Alex M.’s story of how he went from corporate marketing to online entrepreneur. A little work experience primed him for what would become his own brand and eventual entrepreneurial empire. We’re just glad we could help. Here’s his story. […]

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16 Reasons Why Heatseeker Is Right For Your Brand

If you sell your own brand of products on Amazon, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about SixLeaf, and if you’ve heard about SixLeaf, you have also probably heard the buzz about our newest URL option: Heatseeker. This buzz has created a conversation that, unless you are one of the lucky people who have benefited from it, [...]

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