What You Need To Know: The Promotional Launch Checklist

Before You Dig In... If you've been with us this far, you've already seen some of what will be mentioned in this blog and subsequent video. If not, go take a look on our YouTube page and you'll find all those nuggets of wisdom there. In any case, this week we'll be going over all [...]

What You Need To Know: The Competition

Saturated Much? No matter what you sell, you will have competition. It's pretty much just part of the deal. Even if you're working in an obscure niche with only a few sellers, your competition will indeed grow as time goes on. The real key is understanding your competition and your market so you can maximize [...]

How To Get Your Product Out Of The “Grind”

The Struggle is Real. By far, one of the biggest questions we get is “how do I get my product out of the grind?”. To do that, one must know what the “grind” is. If you’re not at five figures in your monthly sales revenue, you are well seated in the grind.      [...]

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The Power of Bundling

Since the humble beginnings of FBA people have been speculating about the most efficient way to stand out and get more clicks/views/conversions/sales. Before the surge of private label, one of the most effective ways to not have to battle out the buy box was to bundle. This would allow a seller to package multiple items [...]

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Do Description Enhancements Help Keyword Ranking?

One of the most hotly discussed topics regarding Amazon listing optimization and ranking is the product description area. Since the beginning of selling on Amazon people have speculated on whether or not this is an important section to devote time and effort to. Some people claim it actually is crucial to conversion rates. Others say [...]

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Some Anecdotal Data on the Power of PPC on Amazon

I wish I had more concrete data to offer, as I know anecdotes aren’t nearly as compelling as aggregate numbers, but I don’t manage others’ sponsored product campaigns, so I only have my own experience to pull from. And I know that individual experiences vary too much to provide significant value, but I hope this [...]

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Do Inventory Levels Affect Ranking?

As we dig deeper into everything that may affect keyword ranking, be it positively or negatively, we continuously run into the question, “Do inventory levels, specifically running low on inventory, negatively impact rankings?” This is a really hard thing to determine. Without polling people individually on their subjective experience, and having them monitor keyword ranking [...]

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Does Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm Favor Variations?

This has often been a topic of contention. The reason the topic is so important to sellers is because in many cases, when faced with the option to expand our product lines, we stare deeply at a critical choice; to combine variations or list them separately. And anecdotally, ranking results vary across the board. Many [...]

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