How All My Facebook Ads Tests FAILED

I’ve been quietly running tests in my “laboratory” for a few weeks now, and I’m here to talk about the things I’ve learned and results I’ve had (or didn’t have). Why put so much effort into reporting things that didn’t work? I think it is important to the learning process. By analyzing the steps someone [...]

Amazon’s Top Priority is NOT Making Money

Amazon sellers regularly find themselves seeking information, data, experiences and study done on the most effective methods for running and growing a brand using the marketplace as a platform. There is no shortage of that information, but due to Amazon’s black-box style of running things, we often find a lot of conjecture and speculation intermingled [...]

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How To Use Your Amazon Sales Data + Facebook to Grow Your Brand

If you sell on Amazon, then you are growing one of your brand’s most valuable assets; and I’m not even talking about the actual sales fueling your cashflow. I’m talking about DATA. With sales data, you can laser focus your advertising while also stepping up your marketing. Check out this video on how: Even with [...]

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How to “Hack” Amazon and Take Ownership of Your Customer Data

For as much as Amazon is an excellent platform - for product launches or otherwise - there is one critical element that hinders our ability as Brand owners from scaling massively and quickly: We don't own the data. Yes, Amazon shares name and address with us, but the two elements that would make our lives [...]

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