How All My Facebook Ads Tests FAILED

I’ve been quietly running tests in my “laboratory” for a few weeks now, and I’m here to talk about the things I’ve learned and results I’ve had (or didn’t have). Why put so much effort into reporting things that didn’t work? I think it is important to the learning process. By analyzing the steps someone [...]

Can Messenger Chatbots Make You More Money on Amazon?

It’s a simple question. And no doubt you’ve heard of what a Messenger bot is. So, the question stands: Are you leveraging chatbots to grow your brand? Often when we embark on the journey that is selling a private label brand online, specifically through Amazon FBA, it can become very easy to focus solely on [...]

NEW New Data About Amazon Launches & Ranking

The Amazon game, it changes so rapidly and constantly, it definitely keeps us all on our toes. And Oh Boy has the rumor mill been crazy alive lately. No matter how much data and, essentially PROOF, we present on the topic, the debate rages on as to whether promos still “work.” Some people believe that [...]

Reverse Engineering Amazon

The State of The Promo Address The Landscape of Fear (and Loathing) If you are an Amazon seller and partake in any of the many groups on Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat and more for FBA and private label sellers, then you’ve undoubtedly heard people speculating about the effectiveness of promotions. Many are stating their efforts to [...]

What You Need To Know: Promotions Part 2

Diving Into A Pool of Promotions The last time we sat down together, we chatted about what promotions are, and the proper way to begin a campaign. This time, we're digging a little deeper into what types of promotions are at your disposal through both your Amazon Seller Central account, and in general . There [...]

How to Use Product Inserts to Promote Your Brand

Including promotional materials when you package and send your product is a great way to connect with your buyers. Not only does it increase your brand's exposure. It can also prompt your buyers to take some kind of action that will be beneficial to your brand. Get the sales first. Blast your product out [...]

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Client Case Study: International Business Student Goes Rogue

At SixLeaf, we pride ourselves in helping brand owners succeed. Quite frankly, that is our number one goal. We work with brand owners from all walks of life, who vary in background, startup capital, connections, and everything else. Their diverse nature truly is a testament to the fact that anyone can succeed in a physical [...]

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16 Reasons Why Heatseeker Is Right For Your Brand

If you sell your own brand of products on Amazon, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about SixLeaf, and if you’ve heard about SixLeaf, you have also probably heard the buzz about our newest URL option: Heatseeker. This buzz has created a conversation that, unless you are one of the lucky people who have benefited from it, [...]

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