The Paradigm Shift is Coming…Here’s Why

Here's the un-sexy cliffs: we still have relevancy metrics. As in we never lost access. Others lost access, and it's entirely possible we'll lose access as well.But as I type this email today, we still have full access :)=======================In case you missed it, over the weekend, platforms that had been using search volume and relevancy via Amazon lost access.No [...]

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The Best Way To Conduct Keyword Research

...Is by Saving Money & Time   Have you launched products and struggled with what keywords to target for ranking or PPC? I mean, it doesn’t seem to matter how much keyword research we do, in the end we always seem to second guess ourselves. Because we want the process to go smoothly and perfectly. [...]

Reverse Engineering Amazon

The State of The Promo Address The Landscape of Fear (and Loathing) If you are an Amazon seller and partake in any of the many groups on Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat and more for FBA and private label sellers, then you’ve undoubtedly heard people speculating about the effectiveness of promotions. Many are stating their efforts to [...]

Deep Dive Into Indexing & Ranking, As Defined by Amazon

Before we dig into the meat of this topic, it is important to define a few terms. Amazon, and particularly their terms, can be extremely confusing. Most definitions rest somewhere between explicitly explained and vaguely speculated. I’ll do my best to keep the facts straight and the logic intact. What Is Indexing? Indexing is when [...]

Amazon Reviews are Fake and Third Party Sellers are to Blame

If you liked that click-bait title then you may be part of the problem. Let me explain. First, sorry for the misleading headline but this article is NOT in support of the current narrative that Amazon sellers have some huge black hat review ring and any merchant that violates even the slightest of TOS is [...]

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Client Case Study: International Business Student Goes Rogue

At SixLeaf, we pride ourselves in helping brand owners succeed. Quite frankly, that is our number one goal. We work with brand owners from all walks of life, who vary in background, startup capital, connections, and everything else. Their diverse nature truly is a testament to the fact that anyone can succeed in a physical [...]

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