…Is by Saving Money & Time


Have you launched products and struggled with what keywords to target for ranking or PPC? I mean, it doesn’t seem to matter how much keyword research we do, in the end we always seem to second guess ourselves.

Because we want the process to go smoothly and perfectly. The idea of wasting ad dollars, or worse, blast inventory, by targeting the wrong keywords is simply unbearable. It just seems so avoidable. Especially with access to SO MANY TOOLS.

I mean, you got PPC tools, keyword rank tools, keyword research tools, competitor keyword extractor tools, relevance tools, keyword optimization tools….the tools….are….endless.

So much so, it can seem overwhelming.

Hence why we end up second guessing.

Yup. We get it. We’ve actually been there too.

That’s why we decided to upgrade the ZonBlast software to include relevance and indexing. Rather than continue to consult every software service in the book, we wanted a simple solution to our own blasts. One where, when we were ready to launch a product, we could simply and easily look at the best keyword options based on volume, relevance and our own listing index.

Now everything you need to conduct a successful blast is right there in the blast creation process.

The data comes directly from Amazon (oh gawd. EVERYONE says that. I know, but…it really does though). So that means Amazon is telling you exactly what the best, most relevant keywords are for your product at the moment that you are launching for visibility.

We’re here to make your life easier dude (er…dudette)

The Rules Change, Yet Stay the Same

Look, I know you are used to me writing deep, in depth dives into the way the algorithm works. I can assure you I’ll get back to plenty of that. But see, those rules are constantly changing. Amazon’s algorithm is always in flux.

What won’t ever change, however, is the necessity for good keyword research.

(And sales volume. That will always remain king.)

The point is, rather than harp on the nitty gritty nuances of change within Amazon’s complex ecosystem, why not focus on how you can utilize the tools available (ideally SixLeaf tools) to make the BEST decisions regarding your product launches?

Why not show you how we are dedicated to helping make your research easier, your time more efficiently spent, and your bank account fuller?

Regardless of what toolset you are using, at some point this madness has to get simpler. It just HAS to.

At SixLeaf, we are working to help with that. By putting all the most important research tools right where you need and use them.

…everything you need to conduct a successful blast is right there in the blast creation process.

How It Works

Choose your product and schedule your blast as usual.

Then choose the blast date on the calendar.

On the NEXT screen, under “Keyword Strategy” click “See Suggested Keywords” and watch the magic.

You’ll be presented with 100 results (10 pages of 10) listed in order of relevance. Each keyword will show whether your listing is currently indexed or not for it.

From here you can choose which keywords you want to target that you are indexed and relevant for. The higher the relevance for indexed keywords, the more effective your promotion efforts will be. So now you can make the most intelligent choices regarding your blast promotions from within the blast schedule screens.


If you still rely on keyword volume, SixLeaf still offers historical data in our improved Tracker platform. While historical data isn’t as reliable as it used to be since it is no longer in real-time, it still provides a good basis or foundation to gauge against…

SixLeaf is dedicated to providing sellers with the best data, but that’s not all. We also strive to provide the best collection of resources in order for Brand Owners to make intelligent predictions that will help scale their business.

Here’s to your success. 🥂