The Rise of Video

Last time we had a chat about video, we looked at a number of facts as to WHY video is important, and why video marketing is so prevalent. This time, we’ll be looking a little closer into the HOW. How do you get video content, and how do you apply it to your business. There is plenty to go into here, but a quick note for those that much prefer to only watch the video as opposed to reading the blog: All of the links mentioned in the video as well as a few not mentioned will be displayed within the blog itself for your convenience.

Now, on to the content!

Video and You

Let’s be honest, video freaks most people out. It’s understandable; it takes at least a bit of technical savvy and creating content isn’t everyone’s forte. Also, depending on the production value you are trying to display, it can take quite a bit of time in the editing room.

However, as the demand for video is doing nothing but increasing, getting to know how it all works and how to do it on a budget is definitely important.

These days, creating video isn’t as hard or inaccessible as it used to be and taking advantage of that fact will benefit your business.

We’ll dig into the DIY aspect of creating video, but first, let’s take a look at all your other options for acquiring video content for your brand or business.

Finding Your Footage

First of all, let’s take a look at the more traditional route. You can always outsource your needs to one of the many video production sites out there. You are almost guaranteed to get an awesome video this way, but you are also going to pay A LOT  of money. The price varies from company to company and project to project, but usually, you’re going to be paying around $100 or more an hour. For a lot of startups, Amazon sellers, and businesses as a whole this is quite the price tag.

Sticker shock anyone?

However, if it’s up your alley to take the price leap and contract a video production company, there are some great ones out there. Here’s our list of the top five that should be on your radar:

LocalEyes Video production


Studio Pigeon


Vibrant Media Productions

The Freelance Option

A less expensive but ultimately effective way to get video content is to freelance the labor to one of the many freelance sites. The great thing here is that with many of these sites, you will state what you need and have videographers and animators bid to work with you. This gives you a bit more freedom of choice and allows you to achieve high quality video without the massive price tag (usually). If you have no skills in the video production realm and don’t have the time or inclination to go and get that knowledge, this is an excellent option. Here are a few to check out:




Truly, it boils down to what your needs are, and how much of a budget you have to throw around. However, if you don’t have a budget for it, you could always do it yourself.

Gearing Up

Yes, you have the option to go and invest in cameras, sound equipment, and lighting, but in reality, all the gear you need is probably in your pocket right now, or at very least within arms reach, and that’s your smartphone.

Most smartphones are equipped with more than adequate filming capabilities, and overall the audio is in that same ballpark as well. What’s more, there is plenty of editing software available to you through the app store. Doing it yourself is a real and tangible option and is probably easier to do than you think. Best of all, it’s the least expensive of the option mentioned above.

These days, creating video isn’t as hard or inaccessible as it used to be and taking advantage of that fact will benefit your business. Take the time to learn a little about how the editing process works, or us a template from and simply “plug and play” your footage in a ready made presentation. (NOTE: a very minor knowledge of Adobe systems will go a long way in this arena.).

There are other sites like that have everything you need for a short ad. All you have to do on your end is assemble footage, music, and text to your liking using their built in renderer, which is ridiculously easy to do.

Content First

When it comes to creating engaging video, it truly boils down to content.

But wait, how do I create engaging content to fill a video?

The short answer to that is just be honest. Understand what your brand or business is and it’s core value and gear your content to that goal. Is your brand all about making people’s lives easier with a kitchen gadget? Portray that through your footage. it can be as simple as personally thanking your customers in a video short while you display the product you are talking about.

You don’t have to be flashy in video to be effective. It’s not just the beauty of video that gets people interested. More often than not, it’s about what’s inside. The best, and easiest way to achieve this is to be your brand.Understand exactly what you are selling and how you want people to feel when they have your product or service in their life, and create video that instills that feeling in the viewer. If you can attune your persona in a way that connects with people, you will get attention for it, even without  $2,000 spent on a video.

Getting Yourself Out There

Where do you put all of this glorious content once you have it? Two words: Social Media. Social media and video marketing go hand in hand, especially if you are trying to do it on a budget. Use YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook, Etc.

Even better, put content out specifically to build a social audience and then use your marketing vids to appeal to your audience, or use Facbook Ads to funnel buyers to your website or Amazon page. Word of mouth is still a very powerful thing, and if you can engage your buyers in a way that let’s them “into your life” and makes you more than a product or service, you will reap the benefits of such a relationship, like increased traffic, conversions, and ultimately more sales. As any true salesman will tell you, you have to sell yourself first and the product second.

Practice Makes Better

If you create your own content, you will more than likely have mistakes, and that’s OK. Especially if you are taking the leap for the first time into self producing video, know that you will have missteps, but you usually do when you’re learning or refining a skill set. Take them in stride and enjoy the process. Don’t get bogged down in the logistics of it all and while your at it, keep making short videos. You will only get better at the craft, and besides creating new usable skills for yourself and your business, you’ll be able to connect with your buying public on a more personal level.

You don’t have to be flashy in video to be effective. It’s not just the beauty of video that gets people interested. More often than not, it’s about what’s inside.

No matter how you go about it, invest in video. It’s a powerhouse for sales and engagement, and if you are not using it, you are falling behind the curve. If you haven’t already, connect with your brand so you can have a better idea of who your audience is and how to engage them. Figure out what’s best for you and your brand, and go from there. Just make sure that whatever you do with your brand in the future you bring video along for the ride.