When it comes to marketing, it’s all about creating a connection to your consumer. Whether that be through well written copy, photography, or a combination of the two, the bottom line is bringing people towards your business or service.

But what about VIDEO?

The Facts Don’t Lie

The internet is a wonderful thing, and thanks to “The State of Marketing 2018” from Wyzowl, we can take a closer look at what’s going on with video and it’s growth in the marketing world. Here are just a few facts from the whole breakdown:


This is just a very small portion of the breakdown, but overall, it tells you everything you need to know about how important video is to a business, and if you are not utilizing it yet, you may find yourself behind as time progresses.

Why Video?

Quite simply, it’s effective. It garners more attention than pictures and text ever will. Video is inherently entertaining, and when done correctly can exponentially increase your ability to scale your business and get it in front of more eyes than if you didn’t have it.

Video is … alive and emotional, just like your buyers.

Human beings are emotional creatures; we just can’t help it. Video is an emotional medium. When you are able to evoke emotion towards a product or service you’ve made a personal connection with the consumer, and ultimately that’s what it’s all about. Business thrives when connections are strong, and strengthening connections comes with TRUST.

Building Relationships

Trust is where the sale is. You don’t make sales or build a better business without the trust of your buyer base. VIDEO CAN DO THAT. It’s one thing to read how great a product is and see professional pictures of it, but at some point, many of us have been the victim of the “you don’t look like your picture” dilemma. Video nips that problem in the bud by giving your buyer a true look at your product or your service. As far as marketing is concerned, video is one of the very best mediums, but your video doesn’t even have to be geared toward “marketing” to create valid and viable video content. Creating honest video of who you are, what your service is, or how awesome your product is is truly the bottom line.

Video creates a sort of transparency from your business to your buyer, or at least it can if you want it to. In all honesty, you can portray any number of emotions through video, and that’s the beautiful thing about it and what makes it so important. No matter what your business or service may be, it will benefit from video.

Content Enhancer

It all boils down to your content. Do you need to show off an added feature? Do you need to explain how to do something? Do you want to thank your customers directly even though they are all over the world?

The answer to all of these questions and so many more is VIDEO. Look at is as a “content enhancer” as opposed to a form of content. Let’s say you have a great PDF file that goes more in depth about a particular product or service you offer. Sending that to your buyers will definitely show that your business cares and offers excellent information, but how much more effective would it be if that same information came in an engaging video with animations? No difference in content whatsoever, just done in a way designed to emotionally connect to your buyer. We’d be willing to bet your engagements would take a serious jump up.

By the way, if you’ve read this far, you’re a part of a 28% minority that would choose to do so as opposed to just watching the video.

Video For The Win

In a time where data flows like water, and putting video up is as easy as uploading from your smartphone, you need to be creating video marketing content! Sure, you can survive without it, but who wants to work that hard? As they say, “work smarter, not harder.”

Video is smarter. It’s alive and emotional, just like your buyers. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach more people, and reach them more effectively. Once you do that, scaling your business becomes just a little bit easier.