Here’s the un-sexy cliffs: we still have relevancy metrics

As in we never lost access. 

Others lost access, and it’s entirely possible we’ll lose access as well.

But as I type this email today, we still have full access 🙂


In case you missed it, over the weekend, platforms that had been using search volume and relevancy via Amazon lost access.

No search volume. No relevancy…. Cue instant chaos.

And, of course, cue services walking back the importance of those figures.

Before the weekend, it was: “Search volume and Relevancy are key!!1 We’re the best, most awesome, kick ass solution because we have relevancy and you NEED it to run your business!”

After the weekend: “Ehhh, they were never that important to begin with! No worries…”


The fact is: most services lost access to both metrics. It’s almost understandable for them to walk it back like that.

We lost access only to volume, but never lost Relevancy.Evidently that exclusive direct-from-amazon data source I teased a couple months back is a little more exclusive than I initially thought.

But relevancy isn’t the point of this email.

The point of this email is to convey a simple message:

This industry must mature.

A few weeks back I vented on my personal Facebook in part about the state of Amazon-centric SAAS. The things I opined on in that post was a bit of a tipping point.

And the recent events this weekend, or more specifically, the RESPONSE to that event by SAAS platforms in this space, has resulted in a final straw moment.

The dishonesty and manipulation of you – the Brand Owner – by some in this space has resulted in us no longer being able to stay quiet…

I’ve spent much of the last 1-2 years biting my tongue when I’d see:

– Services ripping off us or other platforms, wrapping it in pretty packaging, coupling it with a double fisted flamethrower slomo shot, and calling it original or suggesting it conveys value

– Platforms presenting forked versions of existing software and labeling it innovative

– Pitchmen attempting to take take credit for tactics and methods ZonBlast introduced into the marketplace, before the “Blast” category was even a thing

– Gurus pushing the same damn course for the 27th time and calling it updated because they introduced a new module

– Brand Owners being led astray by Facebook groups that consist largely of the blind leading the blind

– Services pushing certain specific, and often gray/blackhat-derived, metrics as “the one thing” you need to scale – forget how (or even *if*) it works

I naively assumed the industry would self-correct…

That Brand owners and those in a position of responsibility running a company serving Brand Owners would steer folks right.

And that ethical practices would win.

For most, that self-correction never happened. In fact, it’s gotten even more off track over time.

As the famous line from Network goes…

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

We’re done biting our collective tongues over here at SixLeaf. 

The industry and the players in it need to change.

In much the same way ZonBlast revolutionized the Amazon SEO space and created a whole new category, so too will SixLeaf revolutionize the “Amazon selling” space on a much grander scale.

This is not some subtle hint of a new tool or feature that we’ll be releasing. 

We have plenty of those in the pipeline, but that’s not remotely what I’m referring to here. 

What we’re proposing is much bigger than just SixLeaf as a company.

In 2019, there will be a Paradigm shift. 

Some will embrace it. 

Others will resist it. 

But the shift is inevitable. 

I hope to see you a part of the movement.

Talk soon,
Joe Junfola
Founder & CEO