Welcome to the B2B (Back to Basics) series by SixLeaf. This is a 10 episode series that takes you back to the basics of getting started on Amazon. From product selection to listing and beyond, the B2B series walks you through the basic steps to success on the Amazon platform.

B2B Eps. 5 – How to Write the Perfect Product Features (Bullets)

One of the most crucial aspects of success on Amazon is optimization of a listing. Fully optimizing and maximizing a listing’s ability to make sales depends on clear, concise, benefit driven copy. This information is what lets a potential customer know you offer what they need. Well written copy will also convince that customer that you offer the best solution out of all of the options available to them on Amazon. The product features, otherwise known as bullets, are the best place for this copy.

Today in Episode 5 of our Back to Basics program, we will discuss how to write the perfect bullets to increase conversions and get more sales!

Summary Steps:

Step 1 – Revisit your list of features. Then look at your competitors’ reviews. Take note of the negative reviews as well as the positive. Find what customers like and don’t like.

Step 2 – Create a list of benefits again, but this time tailor the benefit to either emphasize something competitor customers LIKE ,or emphasize how your product has improved upon something they DON’T LIKE.

Step 3 – Make two lists of features. One short version and one longer, more detailed version. The short version should briefly list a feature that implies a benefit (Examples: QUICK DRYING. EXTRA DURABLE). The longer version should list the feature and then explain the benefit it provides (Examples: Made with super absorbent microfiber so it dries quickly. Double reinforced material means this durable bag will last for years).

Step 4 – List your short features in ALL CAPS followed by a dash (-). After the dash, list your longer feature.

Step 5 – Make sure your first three bullets emphasize your most popular and highly searched features/benefits.

Step 6 – Make sure to include keywords from your keyword research throughout your features and benefits where you can (without making it sound keyword stuffed).


Stay tuned for the next episode of B2B where we go over how to write the perfect product description.