Welcome to the B2B (Back to Basics) series by SixLeaf. This is a 10 episode series that takes you back to the basics of getting started on Amazon. From product selection to listing and beyond, the B2B series walks you through the basic steps to success on the Amazon platform.

B2B Eps. 6 – How to Write the Perfect Product Description

One of the most crucial aspects of success on Amazon is optimization of a listing. Fully optimizing and maximizing a listing’s ability to make sales depends on clear, concise, benefit driven copy. This information is what lets a potential customer know you offer what they need. Well written copy will also convince that customer that you offer the best solution out of all of the options available to them on Amazon. The product description is a fantastic place to put professional, well written features and benefits of your product. Not only does this frame your brand as being a quality solution, but it also allows for further details to ideally persuade potential buyers to choose your product over your competitor’s.

Today in Episode 6 of our Back to Basics program, we will discuss how to write the perfect product description to increase conversions even more!

Summary Steps:

Step 1 – Do your keyword research. While you have limited space within the Title, Bullets and Search Terms for keywords, the product description offers an additional 2000 characters worth of space for great copy and relevant, spider-crawled terms. So whatever your means of research, ensure you have an extensive list to draw from when writing your description.

Step 2 – Be creative…or technical. Whether you want to tell a story that helps your potential buyers visualize themselves using your product, or you have a highly technical item you need to include specifications for, the Product Description area is the perfect place to showcase that information.

Step 3 – Ensure you have included lots of relevant keywords and key phrases. After you have done your extensive keyword and key phrase research, make sure you find a way to weave as many of them as possible into your description copy. This is for the Amazon algorithm spiders, and is important to listing SEO.

Step 4 – Opt for Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Amazon is pushing for all brands on their platform to have enhanced content, so if you have the option available, we recommend taking advantage of it. It will make your listing look more professional, make your brand seem larger and overall will help you to compete with well-known bigger brands.

Step 5 – Invest in photography and graphics. EBC has a lot of space for large, colorful photos and banners. To fully take advantage of this real estate, you need to invest in awesome photographs and graphics. This will not only make your brand seem larger and more well established, but it will elevate you to the same level of professionalism as your big brand competitors.

Stay tuned for the next episode of B2B where we go over how Amazon’s tricky algorithm really works.