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An Unfair Competitive Advantage

ZonBlast began with a simple question in 2014: How can Brand owners rank new or established products cost effectively, without having to waste months building audiences, testing PPC, or hoping the ranking algorithm gives their product attention. What we've created since then has served thousands of clients, thousands of brands, tens of thousands of products, and has helped entrepreneurs go from nothing to 7 and 8 figure brands.

We did one Blast and this put us on to the bottom of page one and our natural, organic sales went to 100 sales per day...we really just use ZonBlast now. Ryan Daniel Moran. 8 Figure Exit Supplement Brand &

Feed The Algorithm

While others have claimed to understand its intricacies, our team of ranking experts has a reputation and track record for mastering ranking within Amazon’s algorithm like no other.

We’ve cracked the code and know exactly what to “feed” it to get the results we want, and we pass that golden nugget onto our clients in the form of keyword specific ranking, time and time again.

Simply link up the products you wish to Blast, set your parmaters and within minutes, you're set to deliver precisely what the Amazon A9 algorithm is looking for. 

Being able to push my product to the top of page 1, even for very competitive keywords, and in a very short time, has given me an advantage over my competitors and is the basis of all my product launches. William. USA

Rank Quickly With 4 Potent Launch Strategies

Since 2014, ZonBlast has developed every viable launch strategy on the market and has helped drive 6, 7, 8, and even 9 figure Brands to success on Amazon.

Solo Blast

The one that started it all...

Originally one of the most effective, and still one of the most reliable and versatile promo options, the Solo Blast offers a one-time boost to the ranking algorithm.

Whether you are embarking on a new promo campaign, or rounding out an existing effort, you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish with a single Blast.


Multi-day promotion; long-term results

Some categories on Amazon are more competitive than others. Sometimes new listings, and even seasoned ones, need to be more aggressive to solidify top rankings.

The Wave 4 offers just the right amount of aggressive boost to get most listings where they need to be. Amazon’s algorithm historically takes 3 to 5 days to update keyword ranking, so four consecutive days of blasting can be the perfect way to dominate any niche.


Dominate high competition niches

For the extremely competitive niches, or the extremely aggressive customer, the Wave 7 has just the thing. Seven days of consecutive blasting provides enough stimulation to Amazon’s algorithm to move just about any product straight to top rankings.

Launch new products or revive underperforming listings with this fierce promotion option.


Even the most advanced strategy evolves

Pulse is a unique promo option that specifically takes advantage of the way Amazon’s algorithm works. Since a large part of ranking utilizes sales averages, Pulse provides an every-other-day option, perfect for “maintenance” during the critical in-between times of a marketing campaign.

This option allows you to stretch out your promotion period while taking less of a toll on your inventory.

Custom Strategies

Advanced custom strategies, now available in ZonBlast 3.0

ZonBlast has historically taken a “done for you” approach with promotion options. However, with the new 3.0 open Blast calendar, our clients have unprecedented control over how they promote their products. If you don’t want to take advantage of one of our pre-programmed multi day options, you can completely customize the frequency at which you offer your promo units.

Want to blast every two days? Go ahead. Want to blast for five days straight, then again four days later? No problem. Our open calendar gives you the flexibility to run your business however you like.

Powerful URL Options Available

Heatseeker revolutionized Amazon strategies with ZonBlast 2.0. With 3.0, we've upgraded Heatseeker, and we're now presenting the latest URL tool from SixLeaf Labs: Sidewinder

Heatseeker 2.0

Having launched in January 2016 after months of testing and development, Heatseeker was quickly established as the go-to tool for both new brands and 8+ figure brands alike. It continues to be the cornerstone of our long-term strategy in our most competitive niches. With Heatseeker, we feed Amazon precisely what it's looking for in a natural, organic way, ensuring fast and sustained ranking in even the most competitive niches.


As our newest URL option, we're not quite ready to unseat Heatseeker as the industry reinging champion...but suffice it to say, we're really excited about what we've cooked up over the past few months. Sidewinder's ability to lock down a merchant Brand enables Blasts to spike ranking for any relevant keyword regardless of organic position.


Our Canonical URL option taps into Amazon's own catalog-embedded URL and allows for limited ranking capability for the terms within.

Most Effective Over-Arching Strategy

The concept is simple; when you utilize inventory as a marketing currency alongside ad dollars, you maximize your effectiveness on any marketplace platform. As a seller, of course you’ll be using native PPC campaigns, and possibly even other PPC platforms.

However, with marketplace search algorithms dependent on sales history, allocating inventory for promotions that stimulate rankings for visibility will always be a strong strategy. This is why ZonBlast is the industry leader, helping countless brands increase profits.

ZonBlast earned me an additional 400x sales and helped me crack the top 100 for my category after a two day promotion. Barcus even took the time to personally provide me with tips on how to optimize my listing. Between the exposure and customer service, there is definite value here. Mike, USA
Case Study
Zero To Hero

In January 2015, we embarked on our first formal case study. The goal: kickstart Doug's brand to massive success in 30 days or less. We blew past that goal and achieved something we weren't expecting: in 30 days we took Doug from no brand to $1k per day.

Click the link below to view this case study and our other case studies of successful products and brands...

Read the Zero To Hero Study

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ZonBlast is the fastest way to launch your product, grow your brand, and scale your empire on Amazon.

Now with per product pricing, ZonBlast 3.0 empowers your brand with unlimited ability to scale by providing access to all of our features, as often as you need them.

Pricing is per product per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of a "Blast" or a promotion?

    What SixLeaf does for your brand is equal to a black friday sale, or any number of deep discount sales that exist in typical brick and mortar such as grand opening sales or holiday sales.

    We place your offer in front of one hundred thousand customers hungry for a great deal on an even better product. The result of this is your brand makes a name for itself and gains traction.

  • Is running a promotion safe?

    Promotions/Blasts with the ZonBlast 3.0 platform are 100% in compliance with Amazon's ever-changing Terms of Service. We go above and beyond to make sure everything we do is in compliance with Amazon, and we constantly monitor changes within Amazon to ensure so.

  • How many units do I need to give away for a successful promotion?

    Promotions/Blasts with the ZonBlast 3.0 platform are 100% in compliance with Amazon's ever-changing Terms of Service. We go above and beyond to make sure everything we do is in compliance with Amazon, and we constantly monitor changes within Amazon to ensure so.

  • Does ZonBlast 3.0 work for other marketplaces?

    ZonBlast 3.0 currently works with the Amazon US marketplace. We are working to expand into other markets in the near term and will notify our audience via our blog and email when this option becomes available.

  • Can I expect reviews from a Blast?

    SixLeaf/ZonBlast is not a review service. As we have positioned from day one of our operations, we have maintained the position that requiring reviews in order for buyers to partake in your promotion is outside of both Amazon TOS as well as FTC guidance. We do not require our deals community to leave reviews, nor do we gate access to future products or otherwise force unnatural reviews in any way from our audience.

    If you need help converting your organic customers into reviewers, we have a service called Review Rush that can help. Click here to learn more about Review Rush