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Yep, Discounts
Still Work

Legend has it that deep discounts have gone the way of the dodo. Not so. Powered by the new Lynx platform, and time-tested strategies, ZonBlast Classic still performs incredibly well for Brands in all niches.

Over 6 Years
of Results

Since June of 2014, ZonBlast Classic has powered the unstoppable growth of 6, 7, and 8 figure Brands. We’ve taken new brands to 6 and 7 figures; we’ve taken 7 figure Brands to 8. And we’ve had a direct hand in multiple exits, enabling entrepreneurs like you to reach true financial freedom.

Looking for the Next Generation of Blasts?

Level up your Brand with the next generation of ZonBlast. Introducing ZonBlast Next.

Easy campaign management

Spend less time managing and more time building. Create a campaign in minutes and let us manage and monitor rebates and campaign success.

Ryan Daniel Moran


"For the life of us we could not get our product on to page 1 for main keywords. We were stuck at top of page 2 doing about 30 sales per day. We did one Blast and this put us on to the bottom of page one and our natural, organic sales went to 100 sales per day. When we break this down, this is an extra $37,779 a month in sales, from just bumping from page 2 to page 1 by running a ZonBlast. That replaced all of the Stage 1 grind that we were engaging in."

Case Studies

These detailed case studies not only show you how we approach your complex challenges as a Brand; they reveal our process from inception to results.

The Accidental Case Study
Making Impossible Possible
Zero to Hero

ZonBlast Classic Features Include

Powered by Lynx

With over a dozen URL options, you have complete control over how you feed the A9 Algorithm.


As the backbone to our ZonBlast Classic & Next platforms, this automates search and find organically and effectively for the user.


Send traffic to any destination, whether it’s your brand’s site, shopify, etsy, or anywhere else.

Amazon's Choice

Display your product with the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge.

2-Step Brand

Filter the search for your buyer by Brand and Product, attribute a keyword, and land them on a simplified Amazon search page.

Buy Together

Control the Frequently Bought Together section of your listing by encouraging purchase of two target ASINs.

Dynamic Super

A classic choice for many sellers, send visitors directly to your listing with keyword attribution and updated timestamp.


This is the classic, search engine friendly URL that is typically generated by Amazon. Optionally, take control over your canonical URL by manipulating keywords.


Facilitate reviews from your customers by sending them directly to a pre-populated 5 star review page for your product.


A small, super simple link which places the visitor directly on your listing. No keywords necessary.

Getting Started


Connect Your Account

Integrate your storefront with SixLeaf, and load your products.


Set up Your Campaign

Choose discount amount, set your Lynx preferences, and schedule your campaign.


SixLeaf automates the rest

We’ll put your offer in front of over 100k buyers and monitor sales.

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